Angkas, MMDA launch free repair stations for Metro Manila bikers

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Motorcycle taxi platform Angkas has partnered with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to provide free motorcycle and bicycle repair services to bikers across Metro Manila.

This initiative aims to support riders and commuters, enhancing their safety and convenience while on the road.

Service stations will be strategically located at various stops around Metro Manila, offering free repair tools, equipment, and items for riders and bikers who may need a quick fix for their motorcycles and bicycles.

Additionally, these stops will serve as shelters for riders and bikers during severe weather conditions, ensuring their safety and comfort.


The rollout of these repair stations is expected to begin in July, just in time for the rainy season. The pilot areas for this initiative include Quezon Avenue, Roxas Boulevard, and Ortigas, key locations known for heavy traffic and a high volume of bikers.

“This partnership with the MMDA is a significant step towards providing tangible support to our motorcycle riders and bikers,” said Angkas CEO George Royeca.

Royeca added: “We understand the daily challenges they face, especially during the rainy season, and we are committed to making their commute safer and more convenient. By providing these free repair stations, we hope to offer immediate assistance and peace of mind to our bikers and commuters.”


The MMDA has also announced that this initiative is part of a broader set of programs aimed at improving road safety and conditions for motorcycle riders and bikers.

Other upcoming programs include the installation of rain sheds and changing areas, all designed to enhance the safety and comfort of motorists and commuters alike.

Royeca further said, “Our collaboration with the government underscores our dedication to the welfare of the riding community. We believe that by working together, we can create a safer, more supportive environment for all road users. We applaud the MMDA for their proactive measures and are proud to be a part of this important initiative.”

This partnership between Angkas and the MMDA is expected to set a precedent for future collaborations aimed at improving the infrastructure and safety measures for the growing number of motorcycle riders and bikers in Metro Manila



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