PhilCare partners with Globe to fortify cybersecurity measures

PhilCare, one of the country’s pioneering and top HMO providers, has partnered with Globe Business to further strengthen its guard against growing cyber threats and boost customer trust and loyalty. 

The HMO giant will employ several Globe Business solutions in addition to its already robust security measures to create another layer of protection to its network so it can spot and respond to threats more quickly. Now in its 42nd year, PhilCare remains fully committed to providing its customers with proactive and efficient service that’s responsive to the challenges and needs of the times.  

“We invest in cutting-edge technologies  to enhance our focus on growth and innovation rather than dealing with the aftermath of security breaches. This additional layer of security significantly strengthens our measures, offering a substantial advantage. This is how PhilCare ensures a safe and secure technology-enabled experience,” said Alex Aquino, PhilCare’s Vice President for Information Technology Group.

Aquino acknowledges the inherent limitations of any security solution, but underscores the significant difference a strategic partnership can make. With Globe Business, PhilCare is able to implement additional measures to mitigate these limitations. Globe Business, the corporate arm of Globe Telecoms, is dedicated to providing large firms or SMEs with ICT solutions to address their most pressing challenges and help them thrive. 

With a more robust, improved cybersecurity framework, PhilCare can enjoy serving its partners without worrying about disruptions caused by security incidents, and its partners can be sure that their sensitive information won’t leak out. In addition, PhilCare conducts regular penetration and vulnerability tests to ensure its security protocols remain effective and current. 

“For over four decades, our commitment has been to make healthcare accessible to everyone, and integral to this commitment is a robust infrastructure,” Aquino said. “Our wide array of products and services are backed up with an infrastructure that ensures high security. Our clients can be confident that their well-being is being looked after, including their peace of mind.”  



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