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Tell me there is no death.

But simply a change in dimension

Worlds divided by linear comprehension.

Worlds made invisible by mortal measure.

Tell me it is but a journey.

A step out of the confines of an illusion

Where realities are no longer a dream

You can now visit the stars, the planets.

You can now bask in the light of your first quarter moon that used to appear in your

works of art.

I may not see you

But you’re beside me as you promised waking me up every morning with your stare peering into the depth of my soul

I can feel you.

Through the gentle winds

Whispering in my ears

I can feel you through the sun as warm as your embrace

In moments of sadness and joy

Be at peace.

And wait in a little while

Just in a little while

Till I catch you in that dream turned into eternal bliss.


Nena Gajudo-Fernandez
Nena Gajudo-Fernandez
Nena Gajudo-Fernandez is a writer, poet, humanist and a student of life.


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