Worthy of YOU

Maru…my love

I believe

that you will make this world

a better place,

You and I

will carry the weight

of that hope,

To be an example of a woman

who doesn’t outgrow

the burden of love

That…for this lifetime

i will be

For my life’s purpose

Is to love you

the best way I know how.

I believe that you carry

such boundless light,


in the deepest darkness

For Life is difficult…

scary at times

But remember, my Maru,

rays of hope

exist in the shadows,

They come

from your own light

And with my light,

shining through, too,

Will make this world

Worthy of you.


Skarlet Brown
Skarlet Brown

Skarlet Brown is a multi-awarded jazz and rock singer-songwriter, an advocate, and a proud mother to her daughter to whom this poem is dedicated.


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