F1 Hotel’s newest buffet builds on the basics with flair

“What I want to implement here is for simple food to have taste, like in the traditional way old chefs cooked. Comfort food is the best you can offer to clients”—Executive Chef Angelo Timban

Grab your plates as F1 Hotel Manila’s newest Executive Chef Angelo Timban treats you to the finest dining experience without the golden price tag.

We always want our money’s worth. Filipinos are known to be savvy when it comes to being thrifty; from ukay-ukay to buffet diners, everything has to be at its lowest price. It’s always quantity before quality, but F1 Hotel Manila is determined to convert that stubborn belief.

Even after five years of service, F1 Hotel Manila stays on top of its game. Despite being surrounded by five-star hotels, the old-timer stands tall at the heart of Bonifacio Global City’s business district. Their magic not only lies with mid-range prices for hotel rooms, but with their inclusive packages.

Being the first business hotel in BGC, F1 Hotel knows the way to avoid predictability is innovation. It hands over the reins of the kitchen to award-winning Chef Angelo.


As the newest executive chef of F1 Hotel Manila, Chef Angelo leads in all kitchen operations—from F All-Day Dining (main restaurant) to the Canary Lounge, and all banquet and social events.

Paella Rice

Chef Angelo goes back to basics as he revamps the buffet and a la carte menu. The food is undoubtedly in good hands, with his extensive experience in working for some of the industry’s largest names: Resorts World Manila, Discovery Suites, Shangri-La Boracay, Traders Hotel and Manila Pavilion.

“Basic is essential, so we’re going back to basic. Before you do the fusions, you should master the basics first,” he explained. “I’m still basing off on the basic, but what I put out is not in any book. My food has its own identity.”

A month after his appointment, F1 Hotel invited media people over to sample their newest buffet menu. Chef Angelo was present, entertaining curious queries from media reporters.


Prawns with Charred Leek Mousse

While trying his Prawns with Charred Leek Mousse, Shitake Mushroom Gratin and Ika Sumi (squid ink), one can’t help but marvel that it doesn’t taste basic in the least. Chef Angelo’s new takes on basic recipes has made his signature taste and style evident.

Brushing off praises, Chef Angelo humbly shares that he has never been to a culinary school. He honed his skills through 26 years of laborious work in kitchens. His work, heavily influenced by being schooled in actual kitchens over the years, has given Chef Angelo a classical approach to food handling and menu crafting.

“What I want to implement here is for simple food to have taste, like in the traditional way old chefs cooked,” Chef Angelo shared. “Comfort food is the best you can offer to clients,” and what a comfort it is to taste his perfectly seasoned and crafted dishes.

Chef Angelo aims to serve complex dishes that won’t intimidate guests, but instead, dishes that will pique their curiosity. He aims to serve meals that will transport a guest to a place of comfort, serving an impression of elegance with a competitive price.

Ika Sumi Maki

“Even if our buffet spread is not as extensive as those in luxury hotels, for as long as all the dishes taste good, then you get value for your money,” Chef Angelo said.

But according to him, cooking is only one part of the experience. “It’s not always about cooking. It’s the way you talk to the guests, educate them on what food you’re serving them,” he noted.


Chef Angelo’s skills have not gone unrecognized. He has participated in the World Food Expo from 2003-2010. He also garnered the golden award for the Philippine Culinary Cup 2014, and continued to gain honors in the National Food Showdown (2014) as a Silver Awardee for Chefs War (Regional).

Sous Vide of Maya-maya

It goes without saying that this is one of the biggest hats Chef Angelo has tried in his career. “The kitchen is a harsh environment. The team here is almost 60, including the stewarding. This is the biggest I’ve handled.” But his expertise shines through the difficulties, leading a smooth and functioning kitchen every business day.

When asked about his plans for F1 in the future: “We are finalizing other changes in the menu. We are thinking of including Tex-Mex and bento boxes, as well as Spanish and Korean-themed buffet on certain days,” he shared, adding that, “for 2018, we’re planning to shorten the list of the food but curate it well.”

Experience this whole new culinary adventure with Chef Angelo Chubby Timban by visiting F1 Hotel Manila. For inquiries, call 908-7888 or visit f1hotelmanila.com.



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