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Hotel Jen’s new ‘Local Rituals’ activation

The urban and quirky Hotel Jen brand, part of the world-renowned Shangri‑La group, inspires guests to Leave Boring Behind and travel like they mean it with its Local Rituals brand activation, a part of its new and excitingly unique Follow The Voices campaign—an insight into each city’s best hidden gems.

For the kind of traveller who likes to roam off the beaten path or who prefers an authentic experience rather than exploring cliché tourist spots, this is for them.

Hotel Jen’s exclusive Local Rituals concept provides its guests with the best-kept secrets by a local resident—from boutique stores to cultural hotspots—all to be shown through the hotel’s guided tours. It doesn’t end there, however. Travelers shouldn’t just see a city, but should also hear it.

Hotel Jen, therefore, invites visitors to discover a city through the voices of the people from trusted locals, through an immersive audio experience on their respective phones or devices. This will be a location-based neighborhood audio guide highlighting interesting and unexpected places, and the insider stories that make them a must-visit.

Here we take a look at some of the must-sees from nine different Hotel Jen locations across the globe.

Hotel Jen, Hong Kong: Cultural walk at Man Wa Lane (Chop Alley) & Lobby Bar Games

Hotel Jen, Beijing: Hutong bicycle tour

Hotel Jen, Shenyang: Heritage Food Journey

Hotel Jen, Puteri Harbour, Johor: Kite Exhibition

Hotel Jen, Tanglin & Hotel Jen, Orchardgateway, Singapore: Experience the Kampong Spirit & Playing of Local Games

Hotel Jen, Manila, Philippines: Display in the Lobby

Hotel Jen, Brisbane, Australia: Aussie Tucker

Hotel Jen, Penang, Malaysia:

With the hotel exhibiting and selling traditional Peranakan/Nyonya hand-made accessories and kebaya (Nyonya embroidered attire), guests may expect a one-of-a-kind pop-up booth in the hotel lobby.





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