Sustainable tourism takes center stage in first-ever travel fair in BGC

Bonifacio Global City, together with the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) and the Department of Tourism, presented a unique travel fair to promote sustainable tourism in “Travel Street: Philippine Travel Mart’s 1st Green and Gold Tourism Fair.

A first-of-its-kind outdoor travel fair, ‘Travel Street’ was held at the Globe Iconic Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater from May 4-6, sponsored by leading local airline Cebu Pacific.

The fair featured amazing travel and leisure deals from more than 50 partner airlines, travel agencies and tour operators, hotels and resorts and local government tourism units, as well as performances from local groups and exhibits that will remind us of our rich Filipino culture and traditions.

Green & Gold Tourism simply means tourism that focuses on ecological and cultural conservation, respectively. These include garden or farm tours, cultural immersions, museum tours, fiestas and festivals, pilgrimage tours, and health and wellness activities. Such endeavors help provide employment and income to locals, gather funds for the improvement of protected areas and sanctuaries, as well as the creation of new and national state parks, recreation areas, beaches, marine and underwater trails, among many other natural attractions.





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