Robinsons Bank launches its new credit card

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Nobody DOS it better!

Robinsons Bank recently launched its new credit card: The Robinsons Bank DOS® Mastercard. With this credit card, cardholders can extend their finances by paying for ALL their straight retail purchases in 2-Gives! No minimum amount required. And, at 0% interest.

Pay for plane tickets, groceries, gas and other purchases in two equal monthly payments: Half now, half later automatically! Just imagine what one can afford with this card.

The introduction of Robinsons Bank’s Credit Card represents the bank’s commitment to provide financial flexibility to its customers, as it has been doing for over 20 years. More exciting products and services are continuously developed by the bank to create opportunities for people to live an easy life.

Truly, nobody DOS it better.

For inquiries and concerns, you may reach Robinsons bank through its Customer Care Center at 637-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free 1-800-10-637-CARE (2273); or go to its website at Like them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @RBankCorp.



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