Liver Happy: 6 simple ways to take care of your liver

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Our liver is an important player in our body’s digestive system so we need to take care of it to stay healthy. Everything we eat or drink, including medicine, passes through it. You need to treat it right so it can stay healthy and do its job.

The liver has several important functions. It is the one responsible for cleaning up our blood by getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins that our body creates. It produces fluid called bile which aids in proper digestion. It also stores glucose which is an important energy source that is needed by all the cells and organs of our bodies.

Keeping our liver in good shape is easy. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ways to keep our livers healthy:

1. Eat green and leafy vegetables.

2. Get regular exercise.

3. Avoid toxins. It can damage liver cells.

4. Drink alcohol responsibly.

5. Maintain a healthy weight.

6. Take supplements which help in protecting your liver.

Taking supplements to take care of the liver helps detoxify the body, and helps repair damaged liver cells. It also lowers bad cholesterol, increases absorption of nutrients from food and most importantly helps fight Hepatitis and liver fatty and cirrhosis. This health advisory is brought to you by Liverguard.

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