When the steaks are “high” they’re probably STONED

Nothing brings people together better, than good food—at STONED STEAKS, it is our mission to make the stakes higher because we believe that YOU—our customers, deserve the very best with the quality of our steaks and the wide range of delectable gastronomic and mouth-watering choices that you will certainly love.S

Stoned Steaks changes the game by giving you a different kind of dining experience by letting you cook your own steak at your own pace, and at your desired doneness on a #CertifiedStoners Lava Stone.

Cooking on lava stones is one of the oldest and healthiest forms of cooking, the way our Stone-Aged ancestors did it back in the day.

Stoned Steaks serve high quality cuts on a 350 Degree Celsius lava rock so people can control the perfection and maintain the hotness and juiciness of their steak.   It traps the natural flavor of your steak for a more delectable and unique way to enjoy your meal, something that Stoned Steaks can definitely offer.

At Stoned Steaks, we offer a wide selection of both Primal Cuts and Dry-Aged Wagyu, and USDA Prime steaks to meet each of your discerning tastes.

Our steaks are trimmed the old-fashioned way, hand-carved with expert precision to remove extra tissue and tendons. The result is an exceptionally tender and flavorful steak, bite after beefy bite, and we guarantee your satisfaction in both experience and service.

Stoned Steaks also offers other fantastic items like the Wagyu Spaghetti Meatballs, Oyster Rockefeller, Wagyu Cheese Burger, Stoner’s Fresh Catch, Truffle Fries, Grilled Salmon and many more.

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself, the experience is will definitely leave you “stoned!” Call us now at 0917.7073837 and 02.8663807 for your reservations and inquiries.

The Game-Changers:

Dick Balajadia’s game-changing flair stems from his academic Culinary experience from the California Culinary Academy, in San Francisco an affiliate of Le Cordon Bleu. Another feather on his cap is his recent sabbatical at the Harvard School of Business for the OPM Program (Owner President Management).

Sound and savvy entrepreneurs, hands-on parents, well-rounded, and well-grounded human beings, that’s how we can best describe the husband and wife team, partners for life and co-founders Dick & Mars Balajadia. The lovebirds made their culinary discovery while on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. Amazed and in awe at how their steaks were served and cooked right before their very eyes inspired them to introduce this whole new dining experience to the Philippine market.





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