Every day is a Holly’s Day!

On any given day, most of us use dairy products without even thinking about it.

Take milk, for instance. Our family drinks milk for breakfast, or puts it in coffee, chocolate drinks, or tea. We also drench our cereal with it, and even use it as a key ingredient for French toast. We cook and bake with it for savory dishes, sauces, and desserts. Kids can bring it to school for baon, or chug it down when they get home. Not just a nutritious snack, the versatile milk is also a good after-sports drink, as it replenishes energy spent from burning calories while playing.

But while there are many choices for milk in the market, the freshest option is always the best.

This is the kind of milk that Holly’s offers. Culled from hybrid Holstein-Sahiwal cows, Holly’s Milk is honest-to-goodness, healthy, and fresh, produced by The Laguna Creamery of Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc.

Holly’s Milk is pasteurized in order to maintain as many probiotic qualities as possible. It does not contain any steroids or hormones that can compromise the health of its milking cows and their calves. The cows roam freely in their natural environment, allowing them to consistently produce high quality and great-tasting milk.

Indeed, there is a Holly’s for everyone. Its signature milk, which comes in whole and low-fat variants (available in 1 liter, 300ml, and 200ml), can fully satisfy both the milk lover and the weight watcher.

Those with dietary restrictions can still enjoy their dairy with Chocolate Low Fat Milk (available in 1 liter, 300ml, and 200ml), Low Fat Creamy Yoghurt (available in 1 liter and 200 ml), and Non-Fat Unsweetened Creamy Yoghurt (available in 500ml).

Also available are Half-and-Half that is used as cream, Kesong Puti, and Gouda-style Fine Hard Cheese.

Holly’s Milk and its other dairy products are available in over 50 outlets, like Landmark Supermarket Makati and Trinoma, Landers Superstore, S&R, Alabang Country Club, Inc., and The Palms Country Club. For a complete list, please check out http://www.hollysmilk.com/store-locator.

For more information about Holly’s Milk, visit https://www.facebook.com/hollysmilkph/ or www.hollysmilk.com



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