House Deputy Speaker urges passage of “Eddie Garcia Bill”

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House Deputy Speaker and 1Pacman Party-list Rep. Mikee Romero is urging the Senate to pass the “Eddie Garcia Bill” or House Bill No. 7762 that aims to set occupational safety and health standards to protect workers in the television, film, radio or entertainment sectors.

“We should ensure these workers, even those behind the scenes, will be protected and have proper benefits such as PhilHealth coverage, insurance, or at least minimum wage salaries, among others,” explained Romero.

The bill also imposes between eight to 12 working hours for all workers, including waiting hours between takes.

Romero filed this bill last year, after his stepfather and veteran actor Eddie Garcia, died from an accident in a teleserye shooting.

“It is rightful for our fellow countrymen in the entertainment industry to receive health care benefits and an insurance coverage plan for their protection during accidents on the set like what Tito Manoy suffered from,” added Romero.

With the bill, the employer or producer will take responsibility in the event of any accident by paying the full hospital expenses of the worker involved.

“This is Tito Eddie’s eternal legacy to his much loved film, movie and TV industry where he devoted 70 years of his life. This bill is for him. His death will save a thousand lives,” said Romero Under the bill, all members of the film, television, and theater sectors of the entertainment industry—from the biggest stars to bit players—shall be


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