The need for greater vaccine communication and advocacy

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It is inevitable and predictable that soon enough, a COVID19 vaccine will be made available for the Filipino people.

No vaccine is 100% safe and 100%  efficacious. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that the benefits of a vaccine always far outweighs the risks  when licensing vaccines for public use.

It is imperative that this vaccine be the safest, most effective vaccine that the country can afford and could be distributed and administered in a way that the most number can benefit from, with particular emphasis on the most vulnerable and underserved.

But this is NOT government’s task alone.

The scientists, academicians, medical and civil societies, industry and media need to have a continuing and sustainable program, with all citizens coordinating with public health people to disseminate the true nature and value of vaccines in modern society.

This program should communicate effectively the role played by vaccines and how vaccination can save lives and improve not just the health but the wealth and well being of the people. The time for misinformation, disinformation and fake news about vaccines should now be permanently closed to save us from further disasters and loss of lives.

Let this generation transition and transform the country into a thriving healthy economy that every Filipino truly deserves.

In Vaccines, we trust.



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