Art sparks hope at Aspire Corporate Plaza

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Golden Bay Land Holdings commissions local artists via the NVC Foundation’s Artisans of Hope to spread positivity around its newly opened property.

Golden Bay Holdings Inc., one of the country’s leading boutique developers, has recently opened its first prime commercial property Aspire Corporate Plaza.

Amidst all odds of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aspire was able to meet its target opening last Nov. 30, 2020, through strategic planning and intuitive decision-making.

As such, the 11-story building at the heart of the Macapagal Bay Complex in Pasay City, stands not only as a symbol of modern architectural innovation but also of hope to many people.

Golden Bay Land Holdings partnered with the Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) Foundation to create unique art pieces that reflect the nature of business of occupants of Aspire Corporate Plaza.

“Our idea was for the artworks to reflect the lifestyle of each individual client. In order to capture this, the Golden Bay team had to work religiously with our tenants and NVC in order to come up with the artwork that best exudes them. Hours and hours of collaborative planning, designing and scheming were allotted by both sides to ensure that we deliver intimate and carefully curated art pieces,” said Golden Bay Land Holdings COO Jardin B. Wong.

The partnership began after Wong chanced upon an article that featured art pieces made by NVC’s Artisans of Hope in an in-flight magazine, which led Golden Bay to quickly make inroads into NVC and its management, led by Millie Kolayko.

Under the partnership, Golden Bay has commissioned artisans under NVC’s Artisans of Hope livelihood program to create unique art pieces for each tenant space.

“We were particularly intrigued and amazed at the paintings made primarily from Nespresso capsules. We thought that this was a unique way to highlight the importance of recycling,” said Wong, who also saw the opportunity to support NVC Foundation’s various initiatives as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility portfolio.

The initial partnership of Golden Bay and NVC Foundation has already benefited at least 30 craftsmen and artisans under the Artisans of Hope livelihood program, which aims to promote world-class Filipino craftsmanship by exemplifying a high standard of quality with their art pieces. NVC trains, nurtures, and inspires their artisans to go beyond the ordinary and push their artistic boundaries with a keen eye for detail.

NVC Foundation was established in August 2010 in Bacolod City, by private citizens who believe in pooling the energies, resources, talents, and skills of individuals to bring about a better future for Filipinos.

As a small organization with a vision to undertake small projects in targeted communities, it has now grown to cover 46 provinces with their various socio-economic programs that benefit thousands of families across the country.

Its mission to fight hunger and poverty by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to the less-fortunate has allowed the organization to grow exponentially to one of the leading foundations in the country. 

This similarity in cause and persistence is also what led Golden Bay to partner with NVC. The company’s transformation from an iconic seafood restaurant to one of the leading boutique developers in the country is similarly inspiring.

Delivering on its promise of building best-in-class and value for money projects, Golden Bay has redefined the real estate industry. Today, the company continues its growth trajectory as it prepares to finalize and launch three new projects.

Golden Bay also goes beyond its boundaries, putting unrelenting focus to deliver outstanding projects that serve value, quality, and sophistication.

“Our keen eye for detail reverberates across all of our departments, from our in-house engineering and architecture team down to our building management personnel who constantly collaborate with industry mavericks to come up with practical and unique solutions that benefit both owners and tenants for the long term,” said Wong.

Lastly, Golden Bay aims to positively contribute to the development of the country by building projects that ultimately bring value to the community. Whether designing nature-inspired condominiums, state-of-the-art office buildings, unique civic centers, providing employment opportunities to young professionals or inspiring other potential developers to take the leap forward.

Learn more about Golden Bay and its upcoming projects. Visit: for more information. For more info on NVC and its various programs you may visit:



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