A blossom of hope: Cali De Fleurs, the newest flower shop in Quezon City

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Amidst the pandemic, many businesses have closed their doors and permanently shut them down, especially those who are doing services with direct contact with their clients.

Among the businesses that felt the greatest impact are the wellness industry. One of these businesses is DermAsia Elite Timog, a skin care clinic owned and operated by O&C Salon.

While most proprietors would lose hope, O&C Salon owners held on to their faith that, one day, a new venture will blossom and will give them a fresh start. This is when Cali de Fleurs started to bloom under their turf — a flower shop situated at the heart of Quezon City.

For many years, flowers have been known to be one of the best ways to express our feelings toward other people. In our current situation, we have become more conscious about the value of how we relate with other people that we show everyone how much they mean to us. Hence, the flower business will continue to flourish despite the many threats in the economy.

With this in mind, Cali de Fleurs made sure that they are ready for the new normal. Through great efforts in establishing a strong eCommerce marketing strategy, the flower shop initiated online transactions to kickstart the business. The number of their supporters and the warm welcome of their new patrons inspired them to set up a showroom that features their best creations.

Cali De Fleurs’ Preserved Flowers will last up to 3years with proper care

Today, Cali de Fleurs is fully operational with an active showroom that showcases their best works of art, maintaining the city’s safety guidelines in operating a business.

Show your loved ones simple gratitude for celebrating a life journey with them. Drop by Cali de Fleurs showroom today at Ushio Plaza 1 Bldg, beside DermAsia Elite Skin Care Clinic, Timog Avenue, corner Sct Torillo, Quezon City. You can also see their beautiful creations on their Instagram account. Follow them at the https://instagram.com/calidefleurs?igshid=1wzpug50kmi1d

Cali de Fleurs is a testament that despite the many storms and floods that may come your way, a blossoming hope will soon save the day.



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