Jimini Foods Group elevates your bagel sandwiches with Bogels N.Y.

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Jimini Food Groups (JFG), a leader and innovator in the frozen-fresh foods category, introduces an exciting new product for Pinoy foodies with Bogels N.Y., your newest favorite amazing bogus bagels.

Bogels N.Y. takes pride in using the freshest ingredients and unique baking technique that results in incredibly satisfying bites. Delight in the wonderful crunch of a perfectly baked crust with a soft, chewy inside. Bogels N.Y. offers the perfect balance of health and great taste, all in one delightful bagel!

Bogels N.Y. bagels are best enjoyed with a generous dollop of cream cheese or butter, or as a sandwich stuffed with all your favorite greens and deli cold cuts. Bogels N.Y. can even be enjoyed on its own; it’s that delicious!

Bogels N.Y. bagels come in two classic flavors: Whole Wheat Delight and B&W Sesame Sprinkle. The Whole Wheat Delight offers a more satiating and dense bite, while the B&W Sesame Sprinkle gives you that extra crunch and texture. Elevate your breakfast sandwiches and snacks or make it an everyday meal on its own with Bogels N.Y. This is nothing you’ve ever tasted before!

Bite into amazing today!

Bogels N.Y. bagels are available in individual packs (P42) and per dozen (P504 per pack) and are available online on Pacificbay, FrozenMNL, Gusta!, and Naber.



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