Erehwon honors Jose Conrado “Joly” Benitez

Erehwon Center for the Arts began its welcome for its second decade of operations by honoring those who have played significant roles in the Center’s history.

 Its first Foundation chairman, the late Jose Conrado “Joly” Benitez will be perpetually remembered for his key accomplishments through a steel marker at the Center’s lobby.  The steel marker was unveiled by his former colleagues at the Ministry of Human Settlements, Jose P. Cabazor and Neny Regino. 

Benitez served as deputy minister of the Ministry of Human Settlements during the Marcos Administration.  He was known as the architect of the government’s housing agencies such as the Human Settlements Development Corporation, Home Guaranty Corporation , BLISS Development Corporation and PAG-IBIG. He was a recipient of the TOYM award and served as president of the Philippine Women’s University.

Benitez was also a visual artist. His first and, at the same time, his last public art exhibit marked Erehwon’s very first public event nine years ago, in February 2013. Erehwon Center for the Arts, located at Old Balara, Quezon City, is creative community center dedicated to providing a nurturing environment  for artists from visual arts, performing arts, music, publications, and film. It houses an art gallery, atelier, dance and music rehearsal studio, an artist-in-residence facility, workshop and office spaces, and outdoor theater performance space.



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