SBMA, PNP partners to provide security for Subic Bay

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SUBIC BAY FREEPORT—The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), thru its Maritime Group (MG), signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will provide better security for the waters of Subic Bay.

The MOA signing transpired between SBMA Chairman and Administrator Rolen C. Paulino and PNP-MG Director Police Brigadier General Harold B. Tuzon, and was witnessed by Deputy Chief PNP for Administration Police Lt. General Rhodel Orden Sermonia and SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator for Operations Ronnie Yambao.

SBMA chairman and administrator Rolen C. Paulino (4th from left) and Police Brigadier General Harold B. Tuzon (3rd from left), PNP Maritime Group director present the Memorandum of Agreement signed during a ceremony held at the SBMA Boardroom. Also joining the photo opportunity are SBMA Port Operations senior deputy administrator Ronnie Yambao (2nd from left), P/Lt. General Rhodel Orden Sermonia (2nd from right), the deputy chief of PNP for Administration; P/Col. Jacob G. Macabali (far right), PNP deputy director for Administration and P/Colonel Fernando L. Cunanan of the PNP Region 3 (far left).

According to Chairman Paulino, the PNP-MG will provide trained and licensed personnel to man seven of the agency’s patrol boats comprising of three multi-purpose patrol boats, a search and rescue vessel, a garbage collection/firefighting vessel, an oil skimmer/firefighting vessel, and a line handling and utility boat.

These vessels were identified as MV Kalayaan, MV Binictican, MV Redondo, MV Ilanin, MV Triboa, MV Cubi, and MV Maritan.

“The operation tasking will be under our Seaport Department, and these vessels can only be used with the SBMA’s prescribed authority and within the vessels’ operational requirement,” Paulino said.

The SBMA chief added that the agency will provide an office and quartering facility for the PNP-MG personnel at the portion of Bldg. 696, located at the former Ship Repair Facility (SRF) wherein only a maximum of 30 personnel are allowed.

“The PNP Maritime will use, maintain, and occupy the facility for the use it is intended. They will shoulder the repair and maintenance of the facility for the entire duration of the agreement,” he said.

SBMA chairman and administrator Rolen C. Paulino receives a token from P/Lt. General Rhodel Orden Sermonia (2nd from right), the deputy chief of PNP for Administration and Police Brigadier General Harold B. Tuzon (3rd from left), director of the PNP Maritime Group after a signing ceremony was held at the SBMA Boardroom.

PNP-MG chief Tuzon said that aside from manning the boats, the group will provide technical, mechanical and physical vessel services for the repair of the patrol boats at their own expense. He added that they will also provide operation trip reports.

“In case of emergency or natural disaster or as maybe needed by the SBMA, the PNP-MG shall provide assistance and services upon request of the SBMA,” he added.

“With that said, we will provide security and other support and assistance, which shall promote the development, conservation, management, protection, and utilization of resources in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and its surrounding areas,” he cited.

Meanwhile, deputy chief Sermonia cited that with the added safety and security from the PNP-MG, the Subic Bay Freeport should expect more businesses to boom as he believes this is one of the key factors that makes the area a viable place to conduct business.
After the MOA signing, the PNP officials conducted a site inspection and evaluation of the vessels.



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