Cropin partners with True Digital Solutions to accelerate digital transformation of agriculture in Philippines

  • Collaborating with large enterprises and agri ecosystem businesses in the region, Cropin is targeting to build intelligence for 1/3rd of the cultivable lands in Philippines by 2025, transforming the lives of thousands of farmers in the region
  • Will leverage AI, ML, remote sensing and other technologies to deliver predictive intelligence that can address major agri-challenges in Philippines and other SE Asian countries
  • As India is celebrating 30 years of India- ASEAN partnership and hosting 10 foreign ministers of ASEAN to strengthen economic cooperation in strategic areas, India headquartered global agritech major Cropin is committed to the upliftment of the region’s agrarian economy

Two prime companies have partnered to accelerate the much-needed digital transformation of the agricultural ecosystem in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

The two companies are Cropin—the agritech pioneer who has built the first global Intelligent Agriculture Cloud, and True Digital—a leading telecommunications and digital services provider.

Cropin and True Digital have identified the Philippines as a core growth market as the country’s agriculture economy is grappling with a host of challenges.

The partnership will formulate digital strategies to redefine the legacy agri-food value chain and empower agri-businesses and farmers in the country to improve efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability of their farming operations.

Philippines agriculture segment has a huge potential to scale up the existing agri-commodity produce and multiply the current $7 billion agriculture export.

In order to accelerate the country’s vision to achieve self-sufficiency in major agriculture crops and scale exports, farmers in the country need to be empowered with tech enabled modern agriculture and Climate Smart practices.

Cropin has digitized 16 million acres of farmland globally, improving the livelihoods of more than seven million farmers. With this partnership, the company is strengthening its commitment to the Philippines agri-ecosystem by collaborating with large enterprises and agribusinesses in the region, to deliver impact at scale.

Agriculture is a critical national priority sector, GDP contributor and a major employer in South-East Asian economies including the Philippines.

The sector is beset by various challenges including shrinking rural population, resource use inefficiency, post-harvest losses, poor quality of produce, climate change, pandemic induced challenges, and unsustainable farming practices—all resulting in low productivity and incomes.

Leveraging the Cropin platform, Philippines’ rice, corn, sugarcane, coconut, pineapple, banana, mango and other agriculture sub-segments can increase farm productivity by 20% to 30%, resulting in significant improvements in farmer income and profitability. This can have a significant impact on the region’s economic progress, social upliftment, food security, and future-proof farming in the Philippines.

Cropin has been deploying its ag-intelligence solutions in partnership with its B2B customers in the South-East Asia region. The partnership with True Digital will significantly accelerate the pace of transformation and impact of data enabled agriculture in the region. 

According to Sujit Janardanan, chief marketing officer at Cropin: “South-East Asia is a key growth market for Cropin, and we are seeing strong traction for our agri-intelligence solutions across markets such as Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand  and Indonesia. Agriculture in the region faces critical challenges on account of social and economic trends, climate change, and other factors. Through our partnership with True Digital, our objective is to expand the reach and impact, and accelerate digital transformation that will benefit all stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem. We are committed to delivering a positive impact on the lives of farmers, supporting the government’s vision and becoming a partner of choice for the agri-food businesses in the region”

Commenting on the partnership, Sulabh Dhanuka, head of International Digital Solutions, True Digital Group, said: “We are delighted to partner with Cropin to help solve the challenges faced by agriculture in the region. By combining Cropin’s technology with our existing digital innovation and deep understanding of the local market requirements, we intend to bring a positive impact on the country’s agriculture landscape. We are looking forward to working with the agri-food businesses and the Govt to enable the much-needed transformation of this national priority sector.”

Founded in 2010, Cropin is a pioneer in the Agtech space, building the first global Intelligent Agriculture Cloud.

Cropin’s platform enables various stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem to leverage digitization and AI at scale to make decisions that increase efficiency, scale productivity, and strengthen sustainability.

Cropin has worked with 250+ customers and has digitized 16 million acres of farmland, improving the livelihoods of more than 7 million farmers. It has built the world’s largest and most diverse farming data insights over a decade, spearheading a global ‘Ag-intelligence’ movement with a knowledge of 488 crops, and 10000 crop varieties in 56 countries. With its AI/ML platform tailor-made for the agriculture ecosystem, Cropin has computed 0.2 billion acres of farmlands across the globe.

True Digital Group is the first digital powerhouse in Thailand that integrates advanced technologies including Internet of Things, Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and Connectivity to bring products and solutions across verticals.

True Digital works collaboratively with its world-class partners, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and has established footprints in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.



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