Ebdane to provincial board: ‘Let’s align public service efforts’

IBA, Zambales—Governor Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. has called on officials of both the executive and legislative branches of the Zambales government to work together and create synergy for greater public service “to build the future of Zambales that is sustainable and self-reliant.”

Speaking during the recent inaugural session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan here, Ebdane said there must be alignment, collaboration and engagement between executive and legislative officials in order to push through with short-term and medium-term plans for the province.

“As public servants, our greatest strength lies not in our hands but in the unity that binds us all together as one,” Ebdane said. “Collectively, let’s align and share our ideas, work together, and integrate our efforts,” he added.

Ebdane sounded the call for unity, as members of the provincial council vowed to pursue effective legislation to further develop Zambales and benefit the community.  

The council is presided over by Vice Governor Jacqueline Rose Khonghun, and composed of 10 elected members and three ex-officio members.

The First Legislative District is represented by board members Jose “King” Gutierrez, Wilfredo “John-John” Felarca, and Enrique “Ike” Delgado; while the Second District is represented by board members Jun Rundstedt “Rundy” Ebdane, Reena May Collado, Wilfredo Paul “Jun” Pangan, Samantha Ablola, Reynaldo Tarongoy, Sancho Abasta III, and Lugil Ragadio.

The three ex-officio members are Raedag Villamin Jr., representing the Association of Barangay Councils; Keith Doble for Sangguniang Kabataan; and Jayson Fran for Philippine Councilors League.

At least five of the provincial board members are first-timers in government service, with three of them second-generation lawmakers.

In his message, Ebdane advised the Sanggunian officials to constantly adapt with what is current, relevant, and practical.

“Let us upgrade our knowledge on technical aspects of our duties and functions through continuing education on public policy formulation and parliamentary procedures. Let us always hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions and their effects,” he said.

The governor also encouraged the provincial council to formulate its own legislative agenda anchored on the short- and medium-term plans he had presented.

Ebdane had earlier identified his administration’s priorities as health, education, livelihood, housing, and infrastructure development. “Strategically, we can implement our coordinated plans of action successfully,” he also told the provincial board.

The provincial executive said he envisions the provincial government “to be an embodiment of good governance that will build stronger community relationship, provide excellent services, and promote inclusive growth, community empowerment and self-reliance among Zambaleños.”

Having already identified the long-term comprehensive development plan for Zambales under the 2010 Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan, as well as the five short-term and mid-term priority plans for 2022-2025, Ebdane said the next step for provincial officials is to build and foster a culture of action and cooperation.

“The inaugural session is an opportune time for us to get to know each other, our expertise and interest, our plans and programs, and future direction. This is a good time to build the future of Zambales that is sustainable and self-reliant,” Ebdane concluded.



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