San Pablo City Local Government Gained the Highest Audit Rating from COA

Under the leadership of Mayor Loreto Amante, San Pablo City Local Government gained the Commission on Audit’s (COA) Unmodified Opinion which is the highest audit rating from the Commission on Audit.

The said rating was conveyed in a letter to Mayor Amante in its Annual Audit Report (AAR) on the accounts and operations of the city government for 2021 pursuant to Government Auditing Code of the Philippines.

The “Unmodified” rating means that the financial statements and performance of the city was presented fairly in all material aspects and the results of the operations and financial condition of the LGU are based on existing government standards and compliant with government laws, rules and regulations.

The Lead Audit Team composed of OIC-Audit Team Leader Jonathan R. de Castro; Audit Team Member Timothy Wilson C. Juliano, OIC-Supervising Auditor Rodolfo M. Asuncion and State Auditor Ma. Rosario G. Sto. Tomas audited the Independent Auditor’s Report, Audited Financial Statements, Observations and Recommendations and the Status of Implementation of Prior Year’s Audit Recommendation and the Annexes.

According to City Accountant Arlene Beltijar, the city LGU performed well in terms of the financial performance.

Thus, the city is a consistent awardee of the Good Financial Housekeeping Award given by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).



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