SM scholar tops Civil Engineering Board Exam

Fulfills the dream of father, a carpenter, to have an engineer in the family

SM scholar Kirt Baguio recalled what he whispered to himself just before he took the 2022 Civil Engineering Board Examination.

Those simple words were the last dose of motivation he needed as he culminated years of sacrifices and hard work for himself and his family.

Looking back, Kirt wasn’t always at the top. He came from a humble family who worked doubly hard to get through everyday life.

His father worked as a contractual carpenter, while his mom was a vendor.

While both had jobs, their combined income wasn’t enough to fund his and his sister’s college education.

Although the Baguio family’s eldest provided financial support, Kirt took it upon himself to find a way to support his schooling.

As he worked as a part-time tutor for high school students, he applied for an SM Foundation scholarship and got in.

Rising to greatness

Kirt held dearly in his heart his father’s dream of having an engineer in the family: “My father’s family worked in construction as laborers. And it has always been his dream to have an engineer in our family, so I decided to take Civil Engineering. It was also a way to challenge my skills in math–a subject I’m good at.”

“It was tough when I started studying at Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Technology. Every day, I had to travel from Caloocan to Manila for about two to three hours since we didn’t have money for rent. But since I was young, my family’s situation has been difficult. This fueled me to dream of a better life. That’s why I pushed myself to overcome challenges as a student,” Kirt said.

To not let money stop him from going after his dream, he took the opportunity given to SM scholars to work part-time during school breaks.

Just when he was closer to giving the life he had wanted for his family, a harsh storm came his way.

Ang biggest challenge ko po siguro ay ‘yong mawala si Papa. Pangarap ko ito, ngunit mas pangarap niyang magkaroon ng engineer na anak. On my last semester in college, kinuha na po siya ni Lord. Pero alam ko pong gingabayan niya pa rin ako, so I continued our dream and heto na po ako ngayon,” he bravely shared.

SM Scholar_Engr. Baguio with Family
SM scholar alumnus Engr. Kirt Baguio (left) with his family.

He maintained a winning mentality to make his way through engineering school, emerge triumphantly in the board examination, and fulfill his late father’s dream.

When he prepared for the board examinations, he focused on his goal and aimed to top not just pass the exam.

Alongside ensuring that he mastered the basic principles of his profession, he carefully planned and evaluated the best routine that suited his capabilities.

All his efforts paid off when he learned that he ranked 10th in the recent Civil Engineer Licensure Examination.

Beyond greatness

While Kirt has finally reached his father’s dream, he’s geared to provide the best life for his family and pursue greatness in his chosen field.

“Now that I am a licensed engineer, I will practice my profession with integrity so others can see me as a role model. I also want to succeed in the field I will pursue and someday teach and share my expertise with young civil engineering students,” he shared as he thanked his teachers, friends, and family.

“The learnings as an SM scholar gave me an advantage when I prepared for the licensure exam. The testimonies from successful scholars in every scholars’ assembly gave me the motivation to continue pursuing what I want. I learned that whatever your status is in life, there’s always an opportunity that will come your way–you just have to realize, grab, and work for it,” he gleaned from his experiences.

Engr. Kirt is among the 16 SM scholar alumni who passed the November 2022 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination.

Since 1993, SM Foundation’s scholarship program has enabled deserving and qualified students to fulfill their dreams through college education and technical-vocational studies.

Today, SMFI has produced more than 8,000 scholar-graduates.

The scholarship was anchored on the belief of SM Foundation founder Henry Sy Sr. that education is the greatest equalizer and if he could help send one child to school, that child could then help his or her siblings finish schooling, and together, they can help uplift their family out of poverty.

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