PHAPCares signs MOA with MMDA for disaster preparedness training

The PHAPCares Foundation has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for the conduct of disaster preparedness seminars among its members and their employees.

The MOA was signed between MMDA Deputy Chairman and Undersecretary Frisco San Juan Jr. and Lotis Ramin, PHAPCares President during the PHAPCares General Membership Meeting last Dec. 6, 2022. Serving as witnesses were Aldo Mayor, MMDA’s Head of the Public Safety Team and Dr. Maria Rosarita Siasoco, PHAPCares Executive Director.

Under the agreement, which will be effective for a period of three years, MMDA will conduct its Earthquake and Landslide Search and Rescue Orientation Course (ELSAROC) and Flood Incident Response and Safety Training (FIRST) amongst “the employees of PHAPCares and employees of PHAPCares member companies, local government officials and staff, barangay workers, school officials, students, and stakeholders from partner organizations.”

The MMDA will provide a list of modules for reproduction, number of MMDA personnel conducting the training, related materials, certificates and other logistical requirements to PHAPCares.

For their part, PHAPCares shall facilitate and coordinate the reproduction of these modules, related materials, food and transportation of facilitators and other logistics necessary for the conduct of the orientation course.

“ELSAROC is a three-day seminar program where your members will learn basic skills in preparation, survival and post disaster scenarios. You should learn safety, search, rescue and retrieval techniques for incidents of earthquakes and landslides involving collapsed structures. With the ELSAROC training, you shall be the first responders for those around you, especially for your family with regards to collapsed structures,” San Juan said.

MMDA Deputy Chairman and Undersecretary Frisco San Juan, Jr. (second from left) receives a plaque of appreciation from Lotis Ramin, PHAPCares President (second from right). With them are Dr. Maria Rosarita Siasoco, PHAPCares Executive Director (left) and Teodoro Padilla, PHAP Executive Director (right)

He added that the MMDA was very grateful for the work that PHAPCares does as it helps the government agency perform its duties more effectively.

“We at MMDA are really grateful for all the hard work your organizations are doing to help MMDA and our people such as your donations of vitamins, masks, and personal protective equipment. You are very important to us and we in government cannot do it alone. We need your help and support. Together we are stronger,” he added.

Ramin said the tie-up with MMDA will enable PHAPCares and its members to more effectively complement the government’s efforts to safeguard the health and lives of Filipinos during emergencies.

“We can now extend a helping hand not only during relief operations but during disaster preparedness as well. We intend to bring ELSAROC to the farthest communities in the country so that they, too, will be able to help themselves during these natural disasters,” Ramin said.



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