Celebrate Moms Everyday: Goldilocks gives you two cake offerings to say “The Best Ka, Ma”

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No doubt about it: for Filipino families, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest celebrations—a special day that honors our mom’s absolute love, filled with joy, some tears and laughter, and everything that comes in between.

But how come we’re only celebrating our mothers only for one day a year?

Our mothers’ love goes beyond just one special holiday, so it’s our turn to do the same.

And how can we do this?

With a Goldilocks cake, of course.

As the official Mother’s Day draws near, it’s our turn to make the mothers of our lives feel special with these two Goldilocks cake offerings that “The Best Ka, Ma!”

With these treats, it’s easier to let our mom know they mean the world to us, whether it’s Mother’s Day or any day of the year.

A soft and silky cake for your mom

Celebrating your mom during their special day does not need to be complicated. Anything is special as long as it is expressed with love.

The Goldilocks menu offers a bunch of mothers’ fave goodies specifically for this purpose.

Choose among these Goldilocks products and see your mom—and everyone in the family—smile in delight. 

A Goldilocks day is always a special day, after all.

Give your mom a special sweet and light treat with the new Goldilocks Mango Dream (P690).

A triple-layered chiffon cake filled with decadent buttercream and fresh mangoes, topped with mango icing, the Mango Dream is soft and silky—one that would make even the simplest moments with your mom the most memorable.

A sweet and filling cake for your mom—and everyone

Or if your mom likes it simple yet with a rich and decadent punch, there’s the Mom’s Choco Cake (P690).

The Mom’s Choco Cake is a Mother’s Twist to the classic Goldilocks dedication cake, an 8×12 chocolate chiffon dedication cake with chocolate icing, big enough to serve an extended family of 18.

It is topped with pastel flower designs.

And with the icing lettering of your message for your mom on top of the cake, it is a sweet way of making Mother’s Day more meaningful. 

But Mother’s Day is a celebration for everyone in the family, too.

Celebrate with everyone with Goldilocks’ new Mom’s Bundle.

The Mom’s Bundle (P1200) includes a Baked Lasagna and Mom’s Choco Cake (9’ round).

It is a sweet and filling combination that is right for every occasion—and is a reason to celebrate in itself.

Celebrate your moms the way you like it with Goldilocks’ Mango Dream, Mom’s Choco Cake, and Mom’s Bundle, available starting Apr. 15.   

For more information on the new Mango Dream and their other Mother’s Day treats, follow Goldilocks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You also order via Grabfood and Foodpanda, or through www.goldilocksdelivery.ph. 



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