The Animals at Fredirick’s House

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Fredirick is a lonely boy who always stays inside his home. He does not like hugs and kisses from his mom. “Yuck,” he says when given one.

He also doesn’t like to go out with his dad. “Nope,” he says when his father asks.

Dad and Mom wonder what to do. Other kids or toys cannot take away the blues.

One day, a puppy arrives at Fredirick’s house.

(What will happen to the two of them? 🤔)

Mom brings the puppy to Fredirick’s bedroom. 

Fredirick looks at the puppy; no smile, no love appeared. Oh-oh! He seems not happy with the puppy!

A muffled “Arf arf” came out of the puppy’s mouth. His innocent eyes are just looking down.

Mom leaves the two alone. The puppy stays aloof while Fredirick sits still, too.

Suddenly, Fredirick stands up, and the puppy got scared, it barked. The sound startled Fredirick, his heart jumped.

Fredirick is nervous but slowly stretches his arm to touch the puppy. The puppy sees the palm of his hand! 

(Its tiny mouth opens!!! Will it bite its master’s hand? 😱 )

Fredirick screams and retreats his hand. The puppy runs to a corner to hide.

Dad enters the room to check them out. “Son, I will teach you how to make friends with him. There’s no need to pout.”

Dad tells Fredirick to just stay cool. “Don’t look straight in his eyes so soon. You’ll look scary to him, he’ll think you’re a goon.”

“Let the puppy feel safe and warm. Sit beside him so you’ll look small to him.”

The puppy slowly sniffs both men. Fredirick gets tickled by the nose that’s so wet.

“Show the back of your hand, not your palm, so that he will feel you don’t want to harm him.”

Fredirick names the puppy, Jitsu.

Jitsu wags his little tail. Oh, yes, he likes his name!

(Will they start to like each other? 😃)

Jitsu smells the back of Fredirick’s hand. Then licks his fingertips like they are lollipops. Fredirick laughs and simply drops, “It’s so ticklish, Jitsu, please stop!”

Dad feels glad that getting a puppy is so right. Fredirick’s face, shows so much delight.

That night, a friendship begins. They lay in bed as if they’re twins. Now looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they both see… paradise.

A puppy feels sad to be taken away from his mom. It will now depend on his new owner, it’s you, human. Please comfort him, feed him, bring him to the vet. Train him, baby him, puppy will return the love, you bet!

Remember, you can eat chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes or chew a gum. But never give your puppy those or he will be forever gone.

Fredirick laughs more, unlike before. Jitsu brightens his life, he sulks no more. 

(Will their friendship get stronger or will someone or something break them? )

Jitsu pees on Fredirick’s bed. Runs off a glass hgat breaks. Fredirick steps on a poop, he yells. “MOM, PLEASE GET JITSU OUT OF THIS PLACE.”

Jitsu stays at the laundry area. He looks around but he does not like the idea. He feels sad, he starts to sob. He cries louder, he feels so bad!

Fredirick lays down after cleaning the mess. He thinks a dog master should pass many tests. He wonders if he wants to learn – it’s not easy; but to feel loved, that… he wants to earn.

His Dad and Mom are not good in expressing their feelings and touching. Fredirick feels it is depressing. In truth, he wants hugs, kisses and pats on his head. “Oh, Jitsu wants that, too, here in my bed!”

His Mom tells him that Jitsu does not eat. Fredirick runs to give his puppy the much deserved treat.

Jitsu’s eyes widen up. His master comes to get him back. Puppies feel the same as we do: happy, hungry, hurt, and blue.

But puppies forgive more easily than people do. With a little love, they forget their pain, that’s true.

(Will Fredirick learn from Jitsu? Will Jitsu learn from Fredirick? 🤔)

Fredirick trains Jitsu to sit and stay.

But he is having a hard time to make him poop and pee in one place today.

Dad places newspaper pages on the floor. He tells his son to put his puppy there during a toilet call.

Mom tells him to just be patient with his puppy because Mom and Dad used patience, too, when he was still a baby.

Babies and puppies are clueless about what to do. Mom and Dad are there to teach them a thing or two.

Later, Fredirick sees his Mom feeding the birds outside. She also puts a bowl of water beside the food. The tweets of the birds sound like music, all right.

Suddenly, Fredirick kisses his Mom. He turns his cheek towards her so she kisses him back. Fredirick smiles, gone is the feeling of “yuck.”

Jitsu learns to sit and stay. Fredirick learns patience, and, Hey! To kiss and be kissed he now appreciates.

(Ahhhh! Such a warm feeling, isn’t it?

What will happen next, can you tell? 🎁) 

Fredirick and Jitsu are rushing to watch Mom feed the birds.

It is now a habit after fixing their beds. 

Jitsu licks Mom’s leg. She gets tickled.

Fredirick kisses Mom, her face brightens up.

Mom embraces her son for his affection. She accepts his sweetness with joy and full attention. 

Jitsu taps her leg as if to say, “What about me, Madame?” So mom pats his head to say, “Thank you, little boy, for making our hearts feel warm.”

Dad calls Fredirick to walk Jitsu out.

Dad walks along with them as they go around. Fredirick holds his father’s hand to say, “I appreciate this, Dad!” he said this mighty loud.

Dad feels alive and proud. Both are feeling grateful, as if floating above the ground.

When they reach back home. Jitsu suddenly runs and roams. Where is that sound coming from? “Meow! Meow! Meow!” a kitten finds a home!

 (Will they give the kitten a home? What will Jitsu feel if his master decides to own the kitten who is alone? 🐱)

Jitsu comes out from the plants, he excitedly pushes the kitten as tiny as a daddy’s thumb.

Fredirick quickly picks up the kitten and checks if there are still kittens left or if mother cat is just around.

The kitten starts to shiver and meows so loud like it has grown as big as a hand! “Oh, dear baby thumbsize, do you want to come home with us?”

Dad senses his son is growing up with a heart for animals. He feels these animals will shape Fredirick’s character as he grows into a man.

In a box lays the kitten, three heads pop in from above. Mom, Dad and Fredirick, all smiling warmly like the sun. 

Thumbsize kitty’s eyes are shining like the moon. She feels so loved in this room. Jitsu feels left out. He worries his life will turn to doom.

(Oh ,poor Jitsu. Will he really lose the love of everyone? Animals get jealous like anyone. 😞)

It is time to sleep. Fredirick picks up the box where the kitten is. Jitsu feels something is amiss. 

Then an arm scoops Jitsu up! Jitsu feels dazed, he is confused, what is this all about?

They get inside Fredirick’s room. A ticking clock is placed inside the box. For the kitten, it’s like mama cat’s heartbeat, tick tock, tick tock.

Jitsu stays in bed, he leans on his master’s chest. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

Oh, the sound of his master’s heartbeat is the best!

Everyone feels secure. The boy, the dog, and the kitten sleep in their dreamlike world, for sure.

The following day, there is a never-ending meow meow meoooowwww. Jitsu eyes the kitten with the expression saying Aww Aww Awwww!

Noisy, noisy, noisy kitten, Awww!

Fredirick makes kitty drink milk from a cow. Oooops! It is just a dream. He wakes up from the loud Meow.

(Will the three get along somehow? 😬 )

Jitsu approaches the noisy kitten. He looks at it closer, then sniffs and counts from one to ten. 

The kitten sees the puppy’s fangs as if she will soon be eaten!

Fredirick calls for Jitsu. Jitsu’s counting stops; he lays down obediently in bed to show his fat belly. The kitten feels safe again, thanks to the big buddy.

“Jitsu, what name shall we give her?”

They heard a loud MEOW. “Wow!” exclaimed Fredirick; Her name will be… Me… wow!”

Jitsu smirks as he settles in

bed, thinking “What if I eat Mewow’s head?”

Is Jitsu jealous? Will he want Mewow dead?

Jitsu approaches Mewow. He bites the nape of the frightened kitten. Fredirick yells, “No!” Jitsu drops the kitten and licks its body like he is smitten. 

Jitsu bit Mewow’s neck to take her to Fredirick. But Fredirick didn’t know that. Fredirick picks Jitsu up to take him out. Jitsu is all alone, just like that.

(How can Fredirick take good care of Jitsu and Mewow equally? 🐶🐱 )

Jitsu is feeling so lonely. He does not touch his food. Animals have feelings, too. Like us, they feel bad and they feel good.

Mom reminds Fredirick that the kitten needs to see the vet. Mewow is so tiny, looks like she is between life and death. 

Fredirick’s heart feels so heavy. Without Jitsu in his room, he is also lonely. And while looking at Mewow, he can’t help but worry.

Fredirick goes to Jitsu. Jitsu’s tail wags so happily. A puppy easily forgets and forgives. Better than men really.

Together with Dad, they take Mewow to the vet. Jitsu holds his master tightly, afraid he will be next. Fredirick pats the dog, “No, Jitsu, not yet.”

Back home, Mewow snuggles up to Jitsu. Jitsu likes it, he no longer feels alone. Fredirick is so grateful, love in his heart has grown.

(The animals taught Fredirick to grow up and to love. Yes, as humans, we learn from animals. 🤓)

Mewow gains strength each day. She loves being rubbed under her chin down to her tiny throat. Jitsu licks her little ears, it leaves a shiny coat. 

Fredirick gains friends who walk their pets each day. He finds good people around who value animals and play.

Good games and sharing laughter. 

Exchanging tips for pet care. Growing up with nice kids and animals make life easier to bear. 

Jitsu at three months is ready to be trained. With that, Dad and Fredirick have more special bondings shared.

Mom continues to take care of the birds. And on weekends, she invites some pets and Fredirick’s friends. With more animals in the house, fun never ends.

Taking care of animals is like taking care of kids. Every day, you learn many good deeds. Love, patience and care are what everyone needs. 


Rita Avila
Rita Avila
Rita Avila completed a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Santo Tomas. Destiny, however, took her to television and film as an actress. Having an angel child is what led her to write children’s books to continue valuing the welfare of children and to remind us to “keep the child in our hearts while also keeping the heart of a mother.” Four of her books received nominations at the Jaime Cardinal Sin Book Awards, and two were included inThe Asian Parent’s list of best books for kids.


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