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As Fog

As fog grazes these hillsawash with browning shrubs,shanties creep from the valleylined with rivers swelling withdry rocks and restless ants.

Celebrating Happy Half

I shy away from the crowd and try to make a run for it. Nobody’s going to bar me from going where I want to go, especially at this time of the century.

nothing has changed only the forms of it

nothing has changed only the forms of it when we wedded the struggle brought us before a mayor who joked, run as fast as you can don’t let the dictator catch you


It was Christmas break. Susie and I had all the time to do whatever we wanted to do. The one thing we had long wished for, since her uncle told us the man’s story, was to see the bearded exile who lived in the house across our homes. The front of the exile’s house faced our front door. Its back side faced Susie’s huge window in their house along the bay.


A fifth fundamental force might help explain some of the big puzzles about the Universe that have exercised scientists in recent decades. BBC The key...

The Choice

This is a story about a story. It was told to me in a whisper by a friend who was once part of the story. He is older now, and his face is lined with all sorts of discoveries and disappointments. His hair has turned grey and now, he spends most of his time shaking his head while reading a book or mumbling to himself or both. This story he cannot remember anymore or even that, once, he was part of it himself.


KUNG FU POEM You killed my master In syllables two seconds out of synch with the lips,while a crooked finger points back to himself, vengeance smoldering in...

Ceferina in Apartment 2G

When she looks out the window from the second-floor apartment she is in, it strikes her that the blueness of the late afternoon sky over Los Angeles does not have the same familiar aquamarine comfort of home. How can the sky be so different here? And yet here it is: there is a cobalt deepness to the blue that makes it feel like a gigantic void closing in, and when she thinks about it deeply, she finds herself shivering a little.

What Is Your Name?

How do you call yourselfwhen no one, not even you,listens? Where do you find the wordswhen everything escapes yourthoughts? What stories come to lifewhen images are...

Over the Stilt Houses at the Fishery

“They’re still having a meeting. You can sit here,” a friendly woman offered me the plastic monoblock chair beside her. I couldn’t tell her age. Her voice sounded like she was in her early thirties, although her coarse skin and hunched posture told me otherwise. But I said friendly, because her eyes told me ‌she was smiling despite the face mask covering half her face. Also, she was the only one who greeted me and gave an explanation why even though the hallway was full of people waiting, no one was coming out of the office to talk to any of us.