SM AND DMIRIE Foundations ink MOA on medical missions

A Memorandum Agreement (MOA) between SM Foundation, Inc. and DMIRIE Foundation, Inc. was recently signed formalizing a partnership in the conduct of medical and dental missions throughout the country.

DMIRIE’s undertakings include preparation of gift packs for patients based on target beneficiaries finalized with SM Foundation; provision of snacks for the patients for those awaiting consutation & those who have undergone tests. They will also provide unlimited coffee to patients as well as medical mission volunteers.  Aside from gift packs, patients are given Bibles in the Pilipino language.

SM Foundation is responsible for the provision of medicines and medical supplies for use during the activity. Volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, nutritionists are gathered by the SMFI in cooperation with LGUs and other partners of the two Foundations. The mobile clinic of SMFI will also be used in the conduct of x-rays & ECGs for patients.

As stipulated in the MOA, SM Foundation and DMIRIE Foundation will assign their respective personnel to coordinate regularly schedule of the medical missions. The MOA provided that SM Foundation should inform DMIRIE Foundation in writing at least a month before a scheduled medical mission. Meals of DMIRIE personnel and volunteers for the medical mission will be provided by SM Foundation

DMIRIE Foundation, Inc. is the CSR arm established and supported by DMI, Medical Supply Company, Inc., the company behind MX3 products.  It was incorporated in 2003 as a charity organization which extends support to the indigent, marginalized and poverty stricken individuals and communities.

As posted on its website DMIRIE Foundation’s main purpose and core goal are to serve and help the needy, show compassion, and share the word of God. It programs are discipleship, scholarship, health and wellness assistance, burial assistance, feeding, livelihood and infrastructural support and services.



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