Ascott Makati Unveils a Spectacular Ascott Soiree in Collaboration with Multi-Awarded Filipino Fashion Designer Happy Andrada

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Ascott Makati, the premier upper upscale serviced residence in the heart of the Philippines’ business district, is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its highly anticipated Ascott Soiree.

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Happy Andrada’s New Collection

This exclusive event marks a significant milestone for Ascott as it is part of the global launch of the brand’s refreshing new identity, featuring a curated local collaboration that celebrates the exquisite artistry of couture arts.

The Ascott Soiree, held in the opulent Penthouse Suite, showcased Happy Andrada’s exceptional 10-piece fashion collection, infusing timeless Filipiniana heritage with the allure of contemporary design.

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Happy Andrada’s New Collection

Cecille Teodoro, the General Manager of Ascott Makati, expressed her enthusiasm for the Ascott Soiree and the collaboration with Happy Andrada, saying, “We are immensely proud to have hosted such a remarkable Ascott Soiree, celebrating the talent of Happy Andrada.

This event not only reflects Ascott’s commitment to providing unparalleled luxury experiences but also showcases our dedication to supporting Filipino artists and promoting local creativity on a global stage.

The success of the Ascott Soiree has inspired us to continue collaborating with more Filipino artists, enriching our future events and ensuring a seamless fusion of art, culture, and hospitality.”

A Celebration of Couture Arts

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Candy Dizon, Happy Andrada, Mawi De Ocampo, Jackie Dizon
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The Ascott Limited Philippines Marketing Team, Eddrick Nucum Public Relations Executive, Ysabel De Claro Assistant Marketing Manager, Mary Eunice Lodripas Director of Communications, Paulo Morales Marketing Executive, Charles Yu Marketing Officer

The Ascott Soiree was an evening of elegance, sophistication, and creativity, where Happy Andrada’s extraordinary talent took center stage.

With an unwavering focus on couture arts, the event showcased a mesmerizing display of digital prints inspired by the timeless Filipino craft of basket weaves and rattan.

These exquisite prints were thoughtfully complemented by the rich textures of Philippine weaves, such as the renowned Binakol weave from Abra and various kinds of pineapple fabrics, adding a touch of opulence to each creation.

Celebrating Sustainable Fashion

Ascott’s commitment to sustainability was flawlessly exemplified through Happy Andrada’s creative vision.

Embracing the use of indigenous materials and techniques in her couture arts collection, the designer showcased a profound appreciation for the environment and the preservation of cultural heritage.

The collaboration between Ascott and Happy Andrada stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to sustainable practices and cultural responsibility.

Recognizing Filipino Talent

Ascott takes immense pride in supporting local talent and artisans.

The Ascott Soiree, in collaboration with the award-winning Happy Andrada, was a testament to this commitment,offering a global platform for Filipino creativity and artistic excellence.

The event underscored Ascott’s pledge to uplift and promote the talents of the nation, showcasing the Philippines’ artistic prowess on an international scale.

Looking to the Future

The resounding success of the Ascott Soiree and the positive response from attendees reinforce Ascott Makati’s position as an unrivaled leader in luxury hospitality.

The event’s celebration of couture arts, sustainability, and cultural heritage sets the stage for a new era of curated local collaborations, promising more extraordinary experiences for guests and the wider community.

The event was made possible with the generous support of Laura Mercier, sponsoring hair and makeup services; Doreen Odvina Custom Shoes, providing elegant yet comfortable footwear; and Christopher Munar Accessories, adding the perfect finishing touches with their elegant creations.

Raymund Ramirez Seranillo directed the soirée, ensuring an enchanting experience for all attendees.



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