Stella Loves Saluyot

Stella relished each spoonful.
Adobong saluyot and rice.
First taste of it in five years.
First time to clear her plate all clean.

Between smiles and dancing eyes,
Asim! Sarap! Gusto ko pa!
A bit of Ilocana,
Sighed certified genuine Ilocana lola.

“I like carrots, broccoli,
tomatoes, potatoes, kangkong,
and I like saluyot, too.”
I love you Stella most of all.


Ana Celia A. Ver-Papa
Ana Celia A. Ver-Papa
Ana Celia A. Ver-Papa is inclined to write poems and essays, and chats with family and friends while envisioning a good world and doing her bit to help mitigate global warming and extreme climate events or climate change for the sake of all the young ones.


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