17th Fiesta Folkloriada kicks off at SM Mall of Asia

Cultural diversity and artistic brilliance were showcased as the 17th Fiesta Folkloriada commenced at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall last December 4, featuring vibrant performances from renowned dance companies across the globe, namely Austria, Indonesia, Poland, South Korea, Spain, and the Philippines.

The event is in collaboration between SM Supermalls, the Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the Federation of International Dance Festivals. 

The opening ceremony featured a speech by Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation Executive Director Marielle Javellana, and a local opening ritual involving the heads of delegations and members of renowned international dance companies from the aforementioned six countries.

Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation Executive Director Marielle Javellana
The heads of delegations from six participating countries—namely Austria, Indonesia, Poland, South Korea, Spain, and the Philippines—participate in a local opening ritual during the 17th Fiesta Folkloriada opening ceremony.

The stage came alive with a glimpse into the soul of Austria through the Trachtrenverein Rossecker Bruck an der Mur.

Following suit was Indonesia’s Al-Fath Cirendeu and Sanggita Kencana Budaya who presented Indonesia’s way of life through its dance forms.

Austrian folk group, Trachtrenverein Rossecker Bruck an der Mur
Al-Fath Cirendeu and Sanggita Kencana Budaya from Indonesia

Meanwhile, Poland’s Folk Group Zbojnicek took the stage next, weaving a narrative of the Polish culture with their spirited performance.

The rhythmic beats of South Korea’s Ryu Dance Company delivered a mesmerizing display of the Land of the Morning Calm’s rich heritage.

Also, Ballet Ara de Madrid transported the audience to the heart of Spain with their passionate and emotive performance.  

Polish dance folk group, Zbojnicek
Ryu Dance Company from South Korea
Ballet Ara de Madrid from Spain 

The pinnacle of the evening arrived with the performance by the Philippines’ very own Bayanihan Dance Company. Their vibrant and energetic showcase of Filipino folk dances displayed the country’s cultural vibrancy and storytelling through dance.

Bayanihan Dance Company, the national folk-dance company of the Philippines, established in 1956 by Dr. Helena Benitez, has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, earning six Grand prizes in World Dance competitions.

The Philippines’ award-winning national folk-dance company, the Bayanihan Dance Company.

The 17th Fiesta Folkloriada is a testament to the power of dance as it transcends borders and fosters cultural exchange. The week-long journey culminates in a grand finale at the Open-Air Auditorium, Rizal Park Luneta on December 9, Saturday, at 6 PM. The finale promises to be a celebration of global unity and diversity, bringing together the world’s finest dance companies for an unforgettable evening under the stars.

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