Japan Signs Three (3) New Grant Contracts under the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) Scheme

On 06 December 2023, Ambassador KOSHIKAWA Kazuhiko signed three grant contracts under Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) *1 at the Japan Information and Culture Center Hall, Embassy of Japan in Pasay City. The total grant amount of USD 237,390 (approximately PHP 13.27 million) will fund the construction of a one-story four-classroom high school building, provision of an ambulance, and provision of a portable chest X-ray machine.

Leading the ceremony, Ambassador KOSHIKAWA conveyed Japan’s commitment as the Philippines’ strategic and devoted partner in achieving sustainable and inclusive growth. He emphasized the uniqueness of the GGP, highlighting its ability to make substantial strides to directly empower local communities through projects tailor-fitted to evolving needs of the people.

The details of the projects are as follows:

  1. The Project for the Construction of a Classroom Building for Anoyon High School in Valencia, Bohol
  • Proponent: Municipality of Valencia
  • Grant Amount: USD 94,607 (PHP 5,279,079)
  • Overview: In Municipality of Valencia, due to lack of a public high school in the central region, Grade 7 to 12 students have had to commute to schools in far locations. Commuting on mountainous terrains is time consuming, uneconomical, and unsafe for students. To alleviate the burden on students commuting to far locations for education, LGU Valencia established Anoyon High School, a new high school in Barangay Anoyon. However, it was not enough number of classrooms to accommodate all the students residing in that area. Through this GGP project, LGU Valencia will construct an additional four-classroom building with comfort rooms for Anoyon High School, accommodating Grade 7 to 10 students.
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  1. The Project for Procurement of an Ambulance for Municipality of Sipocot, Camarines Sur
  • Proponent: Local Government Unit of Sipocot
  • Grant Amount:  USD 55,027 (PHP 3,054,000)
  • Overview: The existing ambulances in Sipocot face challenges in providing timely care during patient transport. are always on call, transporting patients to medical facilities including the municipal hospital 44 km away or the state hospital 120 km away. Furthermore, the vehicles are not equipped with appropriate medical devices and are often unable to provide needed care to patients during transport. Through the GGP, the LGU will procure a new ambulance, equipped with necessary medical devices, will respond to approximately 200 additional requests for dispatch annually, contributing to stronger and more efficient emergency and disaster operations.
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  1. The Project for the Provision of a Portable Chest X-Ray Machine for Olongapo City
  • Proponent: Center for Health Solutions and Innovations Philippines, Inc. (CHSI, Inc.)
  • Grant Amount: USD 87,756 (PHP 4,940,714)
  • Overview: In Olongapo City, the number of tuberculosis (TB) screening has decreased since the Covid-19 pandemic, hindering the city’s TB prevention and treatment measures especially among the high TB risk group including Aeta people, the indigenous community in the mountains. Due to traditional lifestyle and economic disparity, Aeta people have limited access to medical services in the city. With the portable X-ray machine (provided by FUJIFILM Philippines Inc.) procured through the GGP project, CHSI, Inc., the Manila-based NGO, and Olongapo City will be able to conduct active TB case finding and provide comprehensive healthcare services to Aeta people and the urban poor. 

*1 As the top ODA donor for the Philippines, the Government of Japan launched the GGP scheme in the Philippines in 1989 to reduce poverty and help various communities engage in  grassroots activities. The three projects signed today are the newest addition to the 560 grassroots projects (including the above three projects) that have already been implemented by the GGP. Japan believes that these projects will strengthen the friendship between Japan and the Philippines and contribute to sustaining strategic partnerships between the two countries.



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