War Has a Special Currency

Among the rubble was a bloodied coin
Which they found in the hand of a dead boy,
Held in the hand that should have clasped a toy.
At his age there were games for him to join
But he was outside, right in the line
Of fire, in an area that bombs destroy 
With such explosions that would reach the sky
And cause the earth to go to rack and ruin.

The doctor checked the boy and shook his head
(Too late for him to go under the knife,
He covered the body and shelved the lancet.)
Perhaps the boy was out to buy some bread
And tightly held the coin to pay for life
But death had no supply of it.


Simeon Dumdum Jr.
Simeon Dumdum Jr.
Simeon Dumdum Jr., a retired trial court judge, has published 13 books of poetry and four of non-fiction, and won a number of prizes for his works. His latest poetry book is Mass at the Edge of Morning.


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