Along the Astral Sky

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For that one person that I never met,
why does my heart feel so shallow?
you take a huge portion of my soul
yet somehow we never crossed paths.

The whole universe stops when I imagine
you making dreams better than all realities.
Two entities dazzling in the void and unknown,
our lost souls dancing between the timeless zone.

Stars’ final verdict is to break us apart,
believing that two unstoppable souls must not collide.
All I know is that the universe is not ready for
the possible chaos and colors we could ignite.

Perhaps the power of two inseparable energies
could be the greatest love story of all time—
in all the universe and in all kinds of sky
but the stars forbid our hearts’ battle cry.

Slowly losing the light of you in the darkness
while memorizing the fading warmth of your embrace.
My love for you stands between night and day,
Unending and will never ever fade away.

I opened my mind as I opened my eyes,
one teardrop as I realize
that I will never find that moment,
moment of infinite realities with you.


Byron Diaz
Byron Diaz
Byron Diaz, 21, is a graduating college student who enjoys writing poems, essays, and short stories on his spare time. He received recognition for some of his literary works. His main objective as a writer is to amplify the voices of minorities, especially the LGBTQIA+ community, and to help provide them the rights they deserve.


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