Bringing the power of innovation to fruition

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Keynote Message by Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, Chairman, Senate Committee on Health and Demography

I’m honored to extend my warmest greetings to all of you on this momentous launch of “The Power of Innovation: A Report on the Contributions of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry.” This book is a testament to the dedication of our nation’s pharmaceutical sector.

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in advancing public health and it is heartening to witness the strides made by our local innovators. 

The “Power of Innovation” sheds light on the significant contributions of the Philippine pharmaceutical industry, showcasing the relentless pursuit of excellence, research and development. 

I believe that a thriving pharmaceutical industry is essential for the well-being of our nation. The insights provided in this report will undoubtedly contribute to a deeper understanding of the industry’s impact on public health and the overall development of our country. 

I commend everyone involved in bringing the power of innovation to fruition. May this publication inspire further collaboration, research and advancements in the Philippine pharmaceutical sector. Together, let us continue to work towards a healthier and more innovative future for our people. Once again, congratulations on your successful launch. Salamat at mabuhay kayong lahat!



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