House Committee joins transport groups in urging PBBM to take action on LTFRB adding more MC Taxi players in pilot study

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In a unified plea to address the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila, top transport group leaders are rallying behind the retention of the 45,000 motorcycle taxi cap. They emphasized the critical role this measure plays in averting further congestion and upholding the safety and effectiveness of public transportation in the capital.

Representatives from leading transport organizations, including Pasang Masda, National Public Transport Coalition (NPTC), National Confederation of Tricycle and Transport Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (NACTODAP), and Liga ng Transportasyon at Operators sa Pilipinas (LTOP), among others, are staunchly advocating for the preservation of the existing cap. These groups warn of the detrimental impact that uncontrolled growth in the motorcycle taxi fleet could have on Metro Manila’s already strained transport infrastructure.


“Every additional motorcycle taxi exacerbates our traffic woes and sidelines traditional transport sectors crucial for our city’s mobility,” emphasized Ariel Lim, underscoring the urgency of maintaining the cap.

Jun De Leon echoed these sentiments, highlighting the broader implications on public safety and livelihoods. “We must ensure that each step we take on our roads is a step towards progress, not regression,” De Leon urged.


The coalition of transport groups, together with Vice Chair Joel Chua of the Metro Manila Development Committee in the House of Representatives, is calling on PBBM, DOTr, and the MC Taxi TWG to prioritize sustainable expansion outside Metro Manila, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that considers the city’s traffic flow integrity.

Amid mounting concerns over hasty fleet increases, the coalition advocates for a thoughtful strategy that includes thorough impact assessments and stakeholder engagements before any expansions are entertained.

By emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and sustainability, the transport leaders, including Vice Chair Joel Chua, are championing a more organized, efficient, and safe transportation system that caters to the diverse needs of all commuters and residents in Metro Manila.



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