Here’s how these women-owned local shops win the game in the e-commerce industry

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In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, women entrepreneurs are making significant strides, reshaping the landscape with their innovation and resilience.

As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, attention turns to pioneering female-led enterprises, whose narratives of success serve as both inspiration and empowerment.

Against this backdrop, TikTok Shop emerges as a platform to spotlight the achievements of women-owned local shops, showcasing their journeys and the distinctive offerings they bring to the table.

As the excitement grows for TikTok Shop’s 4.4 Summer Saya, it’s time to delve into the stories of exceptional women-led businesses thriving in the e-commerce domain. These entrepreneurs have found their footing on TikTok Shop and leveraged the platform’s dynamic features to forge meaningful connections with their audience.


Cleo Loque, the founder of Hiraya Pilipina, stands as one of the beacons of female entrepreneurship on TikTok Shop.

With a mission to provide innovative solutions for women’s everyday struggles, Cleo has carved a niche with products ranging from nipple pasties to silicone bras and dream bamboo pads.

Despite facing initial challenges as a young entrepreneur, Cleo’s perseverance and dedication have propelled Hiraya Pilipina to new heights.

TikTok Shop has played a pivotal role in Cleo’s journey, providing a platform to showcase Hiraya Pilipina’s products and connect with a wider audience. Through short-form videos and live selling sessions, she has fostered a vibrant community around her brand, with 60% of her revenue flowing from the platform.

As Hiraya Pilipina participates in the 4.4 Summer Saya on TikTok Shop, customers can look forward to exclusive discounts on selected items.

From Apr. 4-7, shoppers can enjoy significant savings, including a 10% discount on 10cm nipple pasties and a 20% discount on 13cm nipple pasties. Additionally, Hiraya Pilipina is offering a special promotion on dream bamboo pads: a buy one, take one deal that’s enticing for customers looking to stock up. Explore Hiraya Pilipina’s TikTok Shop here.


Rosenda Casaje, the mastermind behind Gorgeous Glow Philippines, transformed from an introverted entrepreneur to a multimillion-dollar business owner with the help of the opportunities available on TikTok Shop. 

Specializing in skincare and beauty products, Rosenda’s brand aims to help women embrace their unique glow and radiate confidence.

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TikTok Shop’s impact on Rosenda extends beyond her brand’s growth. She has created job opportunities, providing livelihoods for numerous individuals and fostering economic empowerment within her community.

Her brand’s exponential growth, reaching multimillion-dollar levels, also enabled her to establish a dedicated 3,000-square-meter warehouse for Gorgeous Glow.

Through authentic content and genuine engagement, Rosenda has built a loyal following on TikTok Shop, garnering support and recognition for her brand. As Gorgeous Glow Philippines continues to thrive, it remains dedicated to empowering women and promoting self-confidence through its innovative skincare solutions. Explore Gorgeous Glow’s TikTok Shop here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate these empowering brands on TikTok Shop during the 4.4 Summer Saya!

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