4th Annual Figaro Art of Coffee Competition Celebrates Excellence in Coffee Artistry

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Coffee enthusiasts and skilled baristas gathered at Figaro Coffee Monaco Strip, Taytay, for the much-anticipated 4th Figaro Art of Coffee Competition. This annual event highlighted the creativity and expertise of regional baristas, showcasing their ability to blend aesthetic expression with exceptional coffee making.

Event Highlights:

The competition challenged participants to demonstrate their mastery in creating intricate latte art and innovative signature beverages. Each contestant had 15 minutes of preparation time to deliver two latte art designs and two signature beverages, while eloquently explaining their creations in English.

A panel of esteemed judges, including technical experts Mr. Alex Rivera and Mr. Ian Lester Matela, as well as visual and sensory judges Mr. Mark Dado, Mr. Anthony Uy Dy, Mr. Jeeves De Veyra, and Mr. Justin Liu, meticulously evaluated each performance based on precision, presentation, and taste.

Outstanding Performances and Winners:

The competition was fierce with Joshua Earnshaw claiming the Champion title, along with a ₱10,000 cash prize, a trophy, and a ₱8,000 gift certificate. Jerome Magbanua followed as the 1st Runner-Up, receiving ₱6,000 in cash, a trophy, and a ₱5,000 gift certificate. Phoebe Pescador secured the 2nd Runner-Up spot, awarded ₱4,000 cash, a trophy, and a ₱3,000 gift certificate.

Future of Figaro Coffee Competitions:

“Each year, the Figaro Art of Coffee Competition brings together the best in the field to push the boundaries of coffee creativity,” said Ms. Marichelle Aquino, Figaro Coffee Group Marketing Officer. “We are proud to provide a platform where passion and artistry meet, celebrating the vibrant coffee culture that thrives in our community.”

Figaro Coffee is committed to fostering growth and recognition within the barista community through events that highlight their skills and passion. Plans are already underway for the next competition, promising to be even more engaging and spectacular.



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