Karla Sajona Presents Flights of Fancy in Gateway Gallery 

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In her third solo exhibit, “Flights of Fancy,” Karla Sajona transitions from her usual realistic rendition to a rather abstract and ethereal rendition of avian fauna. Inspired by her fascination for Asian kite toys, and celestial themes, “Flights of Fancy” displays the artist’s keen sense of imagination, playfulness, and details.

Exhibit Poster

Included in this exhibit are some of Karla Sajona’s masterpieces from her previous solo shows—”Iridescence” and “Plumage” in 2023, featuring the prismatic colors and intricate patterns manifested in the plumages of avian fauna, particularly sunbirds, hornbills, kingfishers, and roosters—some of the artist’s favorites.

Karla Sajona is a Visual Arts educator who specializes in a variety of mediums like watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, and colored pencils.

Mandirigma I 24 X 36 In Acrylic On Canvas 2023
Moon Council 24 X 36 In Acrylic On Canvas 2024
Spots, Dots And Whatnots (indigo Banded Kingfishers) 24 X 24 In Acrylic On Canvas 2023
Guardians 16 X 16 In (framed) Mixed Media 2024
Ang Lakan 36 X 48 In Acrylic On Canvas 2023
Higher Calling

As an artist specializing in flora and fauna, Karla highlights the life that emanates through these subjects, particularly indigenous and endemic species. “These are things we often take for granted, but if we observe them closely, one cannot un-see the array of lines, patterns, colors and iridescence they radiate.”

The works of artist Karla Sajona manifest her mindful and perceptive nature. Every stroke and every detail is delicately rendered to visualize the beautiful complexity of her flora and fauna paintings.

“Flights of Fancy” opened to an appreciative crowd on May 18. It will run until May 31, 2024 at the Gateway Gallery Small Room.



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