Labor group welcomes appointment of new NBI Chief

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The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) extended its warm congratulations to Retired Judge Jaime Santiago on his appointment as the new Chief of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). FFW President, Atty. Sonny Matula, expressed his confidence in Santiago’s capabilities to lead the NBI effectively.

Judge Santiago embarked on his legal career after earning his Bachelor of Laws degree from Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) in 1993. He subsequently served as a prosecutor and was later appointed as the presiding judge of the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC).

“President Marcos made a good choice,” Atty. Matula remarked. “Judge Santiago is honed and fit for the job. He was ahead of me in law school, but ‘inabot ko pa siya ng dalawang taon sa MLQU’,” Matula reminisced.

He further elaborated on Santiago’s sharp intellect and legal acumen. “He was sharp in law school not only because he was a sharpshooter in the SWAT, but because he studied under brilliant professors at the MLQU School of Law. We had Judge Ruperto Kapunan in criminal law, Dean Norberto Gonzales in civil law, and Samson Alcantara in labor law. Marcos appointed a man truly fit for the job of leading the NBI.”

In addition to his academic and professional achievements, Judge Santiago was a well-respected police officer in the Western Police District (WPD) in Manila. He was admired by both police officers and common students at MLQU, earning the status of an idol among his peers.

FFW said it hoped that Santiago can inculcate respect for trade union and human rights in the ranks of the NBI nationwide.

“Judge Santiago’s extensive background and experience in the legal field, combined with his dedication and expertise, make him an excellent choice to head the NBI. The FFW is confident that under his leadership, the NBI will continue to uphold excellent law enforcement with  justice and integrity,” Matula said.



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