Acclaimed Fil-Am Artist JEFRE unveils ‘Wings of the Rainbow,” a tribute to the 49 victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Florida

Filipino-American artist JEFRE has unveiled a deeply moving tribute to the 49 lives lost during the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, in June 2016. His poignant artwork, titled “49 Angels,” captures the essence of remembrance and transformation, honoring the victims through a powerful and vibrant display.

JEFRË, born Jefre Figueras Manuel, is an Orlando-based Filipino-American artist best known for crafting life-size public art pieces in cities around the globe.

He’s passionate about transforming cities through icons that represent their histories. His works tap into local culture and its surroundings, creating a modern, stand-out piece that attracts immense public attention.

His most recognizable works in the Philippines include the Tree of Life in Robinsons Place Naga, the Sculpture Contour Series at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, The Victor at Robinsons Bridgetowne, Hometown Heroes at Double Dragon, and Time in SM Megamall.



The sculpture features 49 angels, each symbolizing a victim of the tragedy, gracefully transforming into a flame. This transformation embodies their enduring legacy and the light they brought into the world. JEFRE masterfully incorporates the energy of a rainbow into the angel wings, forming a vibrant flame that radiates all the colors of the rainbow. This flame symbolizes the diversity and beauty of the lives lost. The names of each victim are embedded within the flame, ensuring they are forever remembered and honored.

“The Pulse Nightclub tragedy was a heartbreaking reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. This happening on Pride Month, nonetheless, made it even more devastating for everyone in the community” said the artist. “‘49 Angels’ is my way of honoring those we lost because of the senseless violence that happened that night and reaffirming our collective commitment to creating a more inclusive world.”

The unveiling of the sculpture, which took place in time for Pride Month and the anniversary of the tragedy, was led by Cheryl Grieb, the Commission Chair of Osceola County where the tribute will be situated. Grieb shared that she was asked by families of the victims to “have a special place in Osceola County” where the still grieving families can go to pay respects to their loved ones whom they lost in the Pulse tragedy.


“Originally, we wanted to create a tribute mural but found an opportunity to engage with celebrated artist JEFRE. As many of you know, he has created some of the most iconic works in Central Florida and worldwide and has graciously volunteered his time to create an iconic work of art,” said Grieb of how the project with JEFRE came to be.

Night Time

She also revealed that JEFRE was originally engaged with the victims’ families and was part of a memorial panel back in 2016. “We’re excited to have him as part of the team and to share the artwork.”

During the day, the colors of the rainbow will reflect across the park, representing the vibrant lives of the victims. At night, the tribute transforms as the angel wings turn into an eternal flame that beams a light up to the sky, symbolizing their everlasting presence and guiding light.

Park Plan

Despite the tragedy happening in Orlando, the tribute will be located in Osceola County at Brown Weiss Park on the beautiful Lake Toho. Notably, the county is home to over 20% of the victims. “49 Angels” will be situated in the center of a garden with wildflowers arranged in a heart shape and surrounded by arbor trees that symbolize the first responders and the survivors of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

More than an artwork, JEFRE’s creation serves as a beacon of love and resilience, ensuring that the memories of these individuals continue to shine brightly. “49 Angels” stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the lives lost and a reminder of the strength found in unity and remembrance.

View From Lake

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