Investing in your piece of paradise at Sandari Calatagan

Real estate has long been one of the most lucrative forms of investment. It provides investors with a reliable source of passive income, protects you from inflation, diversifies your portfolio, and appreciates in value over time. In the post-pandemic era, the Philippines has experienced a significant rise in real estate prices, driven by a strong rebound in travel and tourism. This resurgence, known as “revenge travel,” reflects a global, sharp increase in demand for travel and leisure, making now an opportune time to invest in premier properties. Before you invest in real estate, you should consider these essential factors to ensure you get the most from your investment. Let’s explore these factors and see why a boutique beachfront development like Sandari Calatagan is an ideal choice for your next investment.

Location is the most important aspect of a property’s profitability. Properties situated near valuable amenities and future developments enjoy higher rental rates and value appreciation. Batangas is an ideal real estate investment destination, renowned as one of the Philippines’ top tourist hotspots for both local and international visitors. Just three hours from Metro Manila, Batangas is highly accessible via major expressways. Recognized as the 10th Overall Most Competitive City and Municipality in the Cities And Municipalities Competitiveness Index 2023 Rankings by the Department of Trade and Industry, and ranked as the third wealthiest province in the 2022 Annual Financial Report for the Local Government by the Commission on Audit, Batangas stands out as a prime location for real estate investment.

In an event by Citystate Properties and Management Corp., the developer behind Sandari Calatagan, Calatagan Mayor Peter Oliver Palacio highlighted the significant surge in tourist numbers during peak seasons like Holy Week. In 2022, Calatagan welcomed 645,000 visitors during Holy Week, with 15% staying overnight. By 2023, the percentage of tourists staying overnight soared to an impressive 48%, showcasing the town’s rising popularity and improving infrastructure, emphasizing Calatagan’s appeal as an attractive destination for both short-term visitors and long-term investors.

When investing in real estate, having a clear investment purpose is essential. Real estate can be purchased for short-term gains, long-term appreciation, rental income, or personal use. Short-term buying and selling, also known as flipping, offers quick, moderate profits by purchasing, developing, and then selling a property upon completion. Long-term investment capitalizes on substantial appreciation of value over time. In this scenario, you can either use the property yourself while its value increases or lease it out for rental income, allowing for flexibility and steady financial returns. Additionally, you can enjoy personal use of your property. Sandari Calatagan promotes holistic wellness through its exceptional amenities, including an exclusive beach club, extensive biking trails, an organic farm, parks, and edible landscaping, providing residents with a bounty of activities and benefits to enjoy.

Properties at Sandari Calatagan offer exceptional potential for any investment strategy, thanks to the development’s prime beachfront location in one of the Philippines’ premier provinces. Additionally, Sandari Calatagan’s proximity to various resorts and tourist attractions ensures high appreciation rates for investors looking to sell, while providing endless options for those seeking personal use. Investing in Sandari Calatagan means embracing a lifestyle where wellness, nature, and luxury coexist, promising a fulfilling and lucrative real estate investment.



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