Buying Newspapers in the Evening

I buy the morning paper at night,
close to midnight when the pavements
breathe freely. I’m like a brisk walker aiming
for less calorie. Everything is available
on the net and I know I am buying history.
I love taking walks, after buying what’s left
of the morning papers, going farther
around the block, past another 7-11
to check for more leftover dailies.
I buy them all, compare their lies.
I brisk-walk to Mini-Stop or Lawson’s,
covering a hundred meters more.
I don’t aim for 10,000 steps
(I can’t even do a thousand).
There are no vehicles passing by,
only the night watch of mobile patrols,
call center agents on their break
at McDonald’s, in convenience stores.
They probably wonder why I buy papers
from yesterday. By some dude on shorts,
shirts, and sandals. They will never know,
at home I have Persian kittens.
They will never know my lovely pets’
need for yesterday’s papers.


Totel V. de Jesus
Totel V. de Jesus
Totel V. de Jesus, 49, is a freelance lifestyle journalist covering theater, ballet, music, cinema, the visual arts, and everything in between. His articles appear on ABS-CBN News online and once in a while on GMA News website and the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper. A few of his earlier poems were published in Graphic magazine in the 1990s, when the great Nick Joaquin lorded over the literary section. This feels like a homecoming.


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