A fifth fundamental force might help explain some of the big puzzles about the Universe that have exercised scientists in recent decades.

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The key to how the world works: Muon.
After the fog had withdrawn one morning,
I hiked up the mountain trail to see
what lay beyond the sentry of cypresses,
lured onward by the constant cawing
of crows. And Muon. Happened upon
an altar in the forest, the Mary’s face
almost gone, as though the cold marble
gave out from being smashed by atoms,
the resulting shadows forming Muon.
Perhaps we are spinning faster
than we should, too. Round a bend
and another opening in the earth,
trapped wind whispering Muon
from within. Again, the mist rolled in,
shooing the swans into the lake’s mouth.
Perhaps it was gravity that took their voices?
Nah, it was Muon. How do you hold a moon-
beam in your arms? Active Muon
raises his hand, declaring science is needed
to move on. He began to roll on the ground,
faster and faster, an orbit unto itself.
I returned to the villa clutching
stones. Or were they moon fragments?
Rhetoric only ruins the discovery.
There is faint music from the common
room, Muon’s doing. My heart, the voice
by which my dead mom would call me,
a shoestring. Any phenomenon to explain
why I’m here and she’s gone. Strange
Muon sounds coming from the hall
but that was just me closing the door.


Joel M. Toledo
Joel M. Toledo
Joel M. Toledo has authored five books of poetry. His woks have appeared in international literary magazines, which include, The Iowa Review, The Praierie Schooner, The Washington Square, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and Cordite Poetry Review. He teaches Literature at the University of Santo Tomas.


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