After the Rain

I used to hate rain.

My heart would tremble
upon its arrival.
Announcing its coming
with grey, dreary,
and foreboding skies.

I used to
close the curtain,
draw the blinds,
close my eyes,
and pray that the rain
would go away.

Now, I love the rain.
and embracing it when it comes.
“Hello, rain. We meet again.”

Chaos comes
before clarity.
Rain, like our tears,
bears down,
washing away all that is unclear
in our hearts and minds.

Welcome sadness
as you would welcome the rain.
There is much growth,
after a season of sadness.
Just as there is much joy
and beauty to be found
after the rain.


Cathy Sanchez Babao
Cathy Sanchez Babao
Cathy S. Babao is a grief, loss, and transitions coach. She graduated with a B.S. in Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila University, and a Masters in Family Psychology and Education from Miriam College. Cathy has trained with Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Transitions in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has received specialized training in the Grief Recovery Method and has attended workshops on Complicated Grief at Columbia University. Carrie holds private hyractice and is an author of four books, two of them on grief.


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