Saturday, December 5, 2020
Tags Miguel Carlos Lazarte

Tag: Miguel Carlos Lazarte

Where the Sun Was

The rains have been pouring for more than seven years now. The clouds have always been dark. I can only remember of how much I...

Unit 302

Night 0 I am left the only occupant for the whole third floor. Out of the cramped six units, everybody just seem to have slowly...

In the name of the daughter

Marya Ignacio weaves her hair with her fingers watching as the curls separate adhesively from her sweat-dripped forehead. They have been on the hillside...
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The need for greater vaccine communication and advocacy

It is inevitable and predictable that soon enough, a COVID19 vaccine will be made available for the Filipino people.

Answers to common immunization concerns

1. Do vaccines contain harmful ingredients where my child can get a disease? “Today’s vaccines use only the...

In vaccines we trust

Three million children’s lives saved each year. This is the greatest impact of vaccines in our world today. Vaccines...

More men than women prefer WFH under new normal

More men than women prefer to work more days on a Work-from-Home (WFH) scheme under the new normal, a study said.