Monday, June 14, 2021
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When I was 25

Marvin Jeffrey P. Tiu Lim: Of millennial savvy, COVID-19 & looking ahead

At 25, Marvin Jeffrey P. Tiu Lim, the youngest child of Mega Global Corp founder and CEO William Tiu Lim, was well into successfully...

Becoming a European and later, a global citizen

In these times overshadowed by COVID-19-related doom and gloom, it is a welcome respite to look back into my own past from 1994 to...

Carmen Linda Atayde: Life in perfect phases

Like a flawlessly solved puzzle, everything fell into place for Carmen Linda Macasil-Atayde by the time she reached the age of 25. In 1965, at...

Heidi Sison: Radio, TV, and ‘doing what’s right’

Her life has gone through a world war, the martial law years, show business, and working closely with cops, soldiers, and high officials in the military. But almost 80 years and two careers later, director Heidi Sison still professes she has not been witness to any atrocity or decadence of any kind.

In the name of the daughter

Marya Ignacio weaves her hair with her fingers watching as the curls separate adhesively from her sweat-dripped forehead. They have been on the hillside...