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But for the Lovers By Wilfrido Nolledo

Considered a long-lost Filipino classic, Wilfrido D. Nolledo’s novel But for the Lovers finally comes home to the Philippines more than 50 years after...

Rice Wine

When Santiago saw her in the mirror, comb in hand, he knew it was time for him. It was time to leave the hut....

Wilfrido D. Nolledo, word magician

NOVEMBER 1972, MARTIAL LAW. MY MAGAZINE THE GRAPHIC, PUBLISHED BY DON Antonio Araneta and edited by noted journalist-lawyer Luis R. Mauricio, was closed down,...

The Multi-universe of Gilda Cordero Fernando

In A Memoir Published In The Coffee-Table Book The Philippines: Spirit of Place (Department of Tourism, 1994), Gilda Cordero Fernando—short story writer, essayist, publisher, theater producer, collector of antiques (“with me you don’t say what’s new but what’s old”), visual artist with her own distinctive style, New Age guru and I don’t know what else—traced her roots to Pagsanjan, Laguna.