From the eyes of a youth

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John Carlo “Caloy” Sateniaman

John Carlo “Caloy” Sateniaman is a senior student of Rizal Technological University BSBA-Marketing Management.

“When I was in grade school I experienced being bullied for being skinny. Unable to overcome my bad experience, I joined a dance troupe until college. It also helped me to get a scholarship. When I was in college I experienced bullying for being fat. This was the reason I stopped dancing, that was the time I decided to explore more about the world of art, then I saw photography.” Sateniaman said.

He started engaging in photography. At first he used mobile phones to take photos and with the help of his supportive parents, as well as hard work with part-time jobs, he managed to buy his first camera. He also joined photography competitions which helped him to learn more about his chosen field. He became a winner in photography contests—champion- real number ph. and runner-up in 10 Photos to Shake the World.

He said he enjoys taking photos that captured the culture and traditions of the Philippines, portraits and others.” I believe that photography requires not just skills but also heart and affection for your subjects. You should always put yourself in the shoes of others.”

Sateniaman’s advocacy is to help people learn about our country’s traditions and to appreciate the beauty in everyone.

Now that he’s 20 years old, Sateniaman decided to put up his own freelance business together with friends Vench, Matt, Japs, Daniel, Joel and Isaac. They named their freelance photography business: Creative Shots Photography.

The group covers events like debuts, birthdays, graduations and weddings. “I really wanted to create photographs so that people will remember me and the memories in the photos I’ve taken.” (Charmine Rose Arquibel)



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