Labor groups hail Senate’s stance against People’s Initiative

The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) and its allies in the Nagkaisa Labor Coalituon have expressed strong support for the Senate’s manifesto condemning the ongoing people’s initiative (P.I.) to amend the 1987 Constitution.

The groups said the PI seeks to enable a joint vote by Congress members on proposed constitutional amendments in a constituent assembly, a prospect that has raised significant concerns across various sectors.

“The workers and their  labor unions  laud the Senate’s stance and we reiterate the need for the Congress and Executive branches to focus on another P.I. i.e  to prioritize the implementation (P.I.) of  the labor and social justice provisions of the Constitution,” the FFW said. “Giving flesh and blood to these provisions is crucial for the ‘common tao,’ ensuring they are practical and beneficial.”

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“We are highlighting the necessity of addressing core workers’ concerns, including higher wages, job security, and the right to organize for collective bargaining. We urgently need to tackle these issues and we are questioning the practicality of the Charter change initiative. Are we going to spend billions of pesos beating a dead horse or indulging pleasure in inutility?” the FFW further stated.

During a rally at the gate of the Senate in Pasay City, Nagkaisa argued that such initiatives distract from urgent and important issues by shifting focus and resources from real needs to ethereal political diversions.

“The ongoing P.I. can be  likened to a situation where our politicians are calling our attention to trivial issues on cock fighting while parts of our town are burning, illustrating the disconnect between the initiative and the pressing issues faced by the nation,” concluded Nagkaisa.



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