Commitment to Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Standards pact signed Today in Hokkaido Japan

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Today, April 19, 2024, Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd, (“Hotel101 Global”) in partnership with esteemed engineering firms Kamita Sekkei and Technocrew, alongside the contractor of Hotel101-Niseko project – Iwata Chizaki Inc., signs its commitment to the creation of the environmentally forward Hotel101-Niseko. This endeavor cements the partners’ joint vision for a property that not only meets eco-efficient operational standards but also sets a benchmark for sustainability in the region.

Hotel101-Niseko is set to become the first hotel in the whole of Niseko, Hokkaido Japan to secure CASBEE rating.  CASBEE,  which stands for the Comprehensive Assessment  System for  Built Environment  Efficiency,  is  Japan’s authoritative framework for evaluating the environmental performance of buildings.

Kamita  Sekkei and  Technocrew bring expertise with strong portfolios that include work for Hokkaido University, the City of Sapporo, and the City of Obihiro, among others. Under the skilled construction of Iwata Chizaki Inc., known for the iconic Chitose International Airport, Hotel101- Niseko is poised to become a beacon of sustainable development. This partnership aligns closely with the values laid out in   the   recently   signed   pact,   which   outlines   a   commitment   to environmentally responsible practices and the integration of smart systems to enhance efficiency. The structure of Hotel101-Niseko is designed to promote sustainability through green-inspired architecture and the use of technology that supports efficient and eco-friendly operations.

“We believe that sustainability is a core aspect of the Hotel101 brand which will enable it to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By integrating a sustainable mindset in the way that we build our hotels as well as sustainable practices in our day-to-day hotel operations,  we protect the environment, appeal to the new generation of eco-conscious guests, and reduce operational costs which helps ensure the long-term viability of Hotel101,” said Hotel101 Global CEO Hannah Yulo-Luccini.

“In  extraordinary  environments  such  as  the  height  of  winter  in  Hokkaido,  it  is  not  an  easy endeavor to achieve a green rating and we are proud to announce that Hotel101-Niseko is set to be the first CASBEE-rated hotel in Niseko,” added Yulo-Luccini.

Achieving  a  CASBEE  rating  underlines  Hotel101-Niseko’s  role  as  a  leading  example  of  green hospitality  solutions,  showcasing  its  success  in  integrating  environmental  considerations  into every facet of its architecture and operations. Located on a 1.17-hectare site in Niseko-Hirafu, Hokkaido Prefecture, Hotel101-Niseko is positioned amid the region’s natural scenery, chosen for its commitment to environmental preservation. Hotel101 Global aims to provide an eco-friendly hospitality experience that aligns with the environmental values of guests and meets the rigorous sustainability standards set by the local community.

“With  the  upcoming  Bullet  Train  to  go  straight  from  Tokyo  to  Niseko,  we  see  the  482  room Hotel101-Niseko project which is set to be one of the largest hotels in Niseko to soon become the top of mind hotel destination for both the local domestic Japanese and overseas tourists visiting Niseko, Hokkaido Japan.” said DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II

“We see Hotel101 Global to be known globally as one of the most eco-friendly hotels globally,” added Edgar Injap Sia II.



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